Monday, June 28, 2010

Should Stephen Strasberg be an NL Allstar?

The Sports Flow is back in action! I'm going to start off by tackling a bit of a hot debate as of late. Should Stephen Strasberg be chosen as an all-star representative for the National League? I will address both sides of the argument and then I will give my stance on the dilemma.

The allstar game is an exhibition game played for homefield advantage in the World Series in which the MLB showcases its best, most exciting, and most deserving players to help grow the sport.

Having Strasburg even in the conversation for the All-Star Game, despite pitching in the big leagues for less than a month, may be considered an insult to the game and of some its participants.But you cannot deny that he belongs on the big stage with the best players.

Each team must have one representative in the game, and Ryan Zimmerman is having a nice season -.290, 13 home runs, 37 RBIs. However, Strasburg is the best player on the Washington Nationals right now. So why not have him in the game? He is an electric commodity right now and he can energize the game and boost viewership for the allstar game even if he only pitches an inning!

There's something to be said for actually earning a spot. Strasburg has been dominant since joining the Nationals three weeks ago. Coming in to Monday night’s start against the Braves he had 41 strikeouts in 25 1/3 innings against the Pirates, Indians, White Sox and Royals. Many would say that this falls short of All-Star material given who he has pitched against.

If Strasburg goes to Anaheim, some deserving pitcher will stay home.
Yes, the All-Star Game is an event for the fans, and everyone is dying to see Strasburg. However, if Strasburg is as good as he appears he will have many All-Star appearances in his future. To put him in the game already this year would be doing both him and the player he displaces a disservice. Let him go as a legitimate All-Star later and not as an attempt to boost TV ratings now.

Honestly, is there 12 better pitchers in the NL RIGHT NOW than Strasberg? I say No. He is the single biggest spark plug that baseball has right now. He should represent the NL in the allstar game.

What do you think? Is Stephen Strasberg all-star worthy or not?

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