Thursday, February 21, 2008

Adding to a Rivalry

We all know UNC-Duke basketball is one of the greatest rivalries in sports, and the greatest in College Basketball. UNC coach Roy Williams and Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski had a war of words on Monday, already adding to an intense rivalry.

Coach K had something to say (love the rhyme?) about the Tar Heels, taking an unnecessary jab at their injury problems, saying that Duke doesn't discuss injuries "unlike other schools."

Williams had something to say about that on his radio show Monday. "Well, it's not, and regardless of what somebody else says about them having injuries too, which is a bunch of bunk, so I don't give a [crap] what somebody else says. They can coach their own darn team and I'll coach my team — in case anyone had heard some statements about that."

Williams had more to say on Wednesday after being questioned by the media: "Well, it struck a nerve because I don't — if you guys would leave me alone, I wouldn't tell you anything," he said. "It's not like I'm getting a dadgum plane and flying it around and saying, Roy fell against a wall and banged his nose.' We have to do those things. And everybody's hurt, but there's different stages of being hurt. If you're hurt and missing games, I mean that's not exactly like having a hangnail. And so we do have some people that are getting hurt and missing games, and I don't think that somebody should say we're putting it in front of the public."

Whether you're a Duke or UNC lover or hater, we all love the rivalry and nothing is better than making it that much more intense, so I'd like to show some videos on this intense rivalry as we await their next meeting on March 8th.

"The Rivalry"

2005 Duke vs. UNC. UNC comeback

We all remember this one...

1998 Duke vs. UNC #1 vs. #2

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