Saturday, February 9, 2008

To Watch, or Not to Watch? The Pro Bowl Question.

I don't know about you readers but I've never really been much of a pro bowl guy. When I was younger I'd would tune in to watch my favorite players start and then I would quickly lose interest after about a quarter of unstrategic, minimal effort gameplay.

To celebrate today's game I'm going to give you a little taste of what I do like about the Pro Bowl. Here are some great Pro Bowl moments that stand out in my mind.

Larry Allen Bench Press Competition
When it comes to the Pro Bowl I've always enjoyed the little festivities and games and surround the game itself. I still remember the ranting and raving that followed Larry Allen winning the 2006 NFL Pro-bowl "Strongest Man" competition. Offensive guard Larry Allen, then a Dallas Cowboy, bench pressed a record 43 repetitions of 225lbs. He is big.
Fun with Mascots
Who doesn't love mascots? Whatever the game lacks in tenacity and physicality the mascots make up for in their pregame antics.
My Favorite Pro Bowl Play Ever
As you listen to the announcers hate on #21 (RIP) I couldn't disagree more. This is what I want to see out of the pro bowl and I will never forget my complete and utter amazement and awe in seeing this for the first time. I saw it on sportscenter and I almost didn't think that it was real. If it was promised to me that there would be a hit even half as hard as this I would tune if for the entire game today.
All this being said I'm not really sure if I'll watch the Pro Bowl. It's a great tradition with most of the best players in the game. Favre isn't going so I personally don't feel the need to watch, but if I do it will only be for a short amount of time. Let me know some of your favorite Pro Bowl moments and be sure to let me know why you are or aren't going to be watching the game today. Have a great Saturday!

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