Monday, May 26, 2008

2008 NBA Mock Draft

1. Chicago Bulls - Derrick Rose (PG - Memphis)

Really I think that Beasley is the best fit for the Bulls since then need a low-post scorer. However, Rose is simply the best player in the draft and the Bulls will take the best available. Plus he's a Chicago-native so he'll draw in a crowd.

2. Miami Heat - Michael Beasley (PF - Kansas State)
Wow, what a catch at #2! Who won't pack the house to see the high-flying trio of Marion, Beasley, and Wade! Beasley will no doubt bring the Heat back to the post-season in the East. However, don’t sleep on the possibility of Riles dealing the pick down for a couple of quality players.

3. Minnesota Timberwolves - O.J. Mayo (PG - USC)
Although some skeptics have him dropping as of late, we are still high on O.J. This cat has amazing size and athletic abilities for a point guard. He’s NBA ready. Although the Twolves currently have quite a few PGs he is more of a scoring PG and would suit big Al Jefferson's skill set perfectly!

4. Seatle Supersonics - Jerryd Bayless (PG/SG - Arizona)
This year’s draft will have more PG’s in the top ten than in the past. Although most Bayless skeptics aren’t quite sure if he’s really a PG or a SG because ge’s a bit of a tweener size wise. The Sports Flow likes his game and think he can finally rid the Sonics of the Earl Watson/Luke Ridnour debate that is boring fans to death. Look for him to have a good rookie season too (due to the fact that he'll be playing with Durant!)

5. Memphis Grizzlies - Brook Lopez (C - Stanford)
After arguably one of the most lopsided trades in NBA history for Pau Gasol this season, the Grizz have a hole in their front line that Kwame Brown could never hope to fill. Maybe the selection of Lopez to log time at the 5 spot will start to heal the pain?

6. New York Knicks - Danilo Gallinari (PG - ITALY)
I don't know a whole lot about this kid. However I have heard that he has great size (6 foot 10) and he has good outside game and can create his own shots. Although taking international players is risky (think Darko) I think he fits D'Antoni's system well and his international experience makes him more game-ready and carries some experience

7. LA Clippers - DJ Augustin (PG - Texas)
I’ve been hearing lots of rumors about Elton Brand being a bit unhappy with the personnel moves of the Clipper execs. This makes me think that Kevin Love would be the perfect pick. But until a time that Brand is moved, he’s their franchise man and more than enough skill at the PF spot. DJ might be a bit undersized but he’s got tons of upside. If Brand stays, they take Augustin.

8. Milwaukee Bucks - Eric Gordon (PG - Indiana)
With Bogut, Yi, and Villeneuva already young prospects my Bucks don't need to take another PF in Kevin Love. They need to take a good young PG who can score the ball. This would be Gordon. And as Complete Sports mentioned, they then could look to dump Michael Redd's monstrous contract to rebuild the team.

9. Charlotte Bobcats - Kevin Love - (PF - UCLA)
If Tyler Hansbrough had left for the draft I assume that MJ would be lobbying for him. However, he's not and if Loves slips to the 9 spot, which I think he will, the 'Cats will jump at him!

10. NJ Nets - DeAndre Jordan - (C - Texas A&M)
The Nets need a Center. There is no question that the 5 spot is their biggest weakness. DeAndre Jordan is a 7-footer with a huge wingspan and good timing. He’s generally knocked for being a bit soft. Might be a risky pick.

11. Indiana Pacers - Anthony Randolph - (PF - LSU)
Randolph may be skinny but a bit more size will come with age. He has pretty good handle and a soft touch, so you could always give him some time at the 3 spot. Picture this kid running with Granger, Dunleavy, and Tinsley. Could but fun to watch. Could develop into a poor man’s Chris Bosh

12. Sacramento Kings - Russell Westbrook (PG/SG - UCLA)
The Kings need a point guard bad. And although some would argue that Russell Westbrook isn’t a true point guard, who says the Kings system requires one? Coupling Westbrook with Kevin Martin in the backcourt creates a ton of match up problems for the opposition. With Artest at SF it makes it even more difficult so this makes sense to me.

13. Portland Trailblazers - Donte Green (SF - Syracuse)
Wow, so this just seems unfair that the Blazers get another high pick! In 3-4 years this team will be scary good! Think of a lineup of Oden, Aldridge, Green, Webster, and Roy!

14. Golden State Warriors - JaVale McGee ( C - Nevada)
Golden State is a finely tuned offensive machine. McGee could contribute on the glass, and has excellent timing on his shot blocking ability. Although skeptics knock his shot-selection, I don't think it will bother the Warriors!


Ed The Sports Fan said...

That's an interesting NBA Mock Draft...i'm gonna leave it at that. I just know that if my Indiana Pacers draft Anthony Randolph, I'll go find my Jonathan Bender jersey and burn it again...


stephen a said...

There is no way Rose ends up being better than Beasley.

Stefan Ming said...

that is a bold statement fetch...

and joe you stole my post... i wanted to do the nba mock draft. not to be an ass or anything but i know more a little more about the NBA.