Wednesday, May 28, 2008

NBA Playoff Thoughts

Here's some playoff thoughts thus far from an ordinary guy:

-The Spurs-Lakers series is closer than it indicates. In game 1 if the Spurs hit a few more buckets and make one or two more defensive stops, they steal game one.

Also, in game 4 the Spurs could have won this one too. The Spurs just couldn't get over the hump. Poor shot selection when they had a chance to tie or go ahead. Plus, Brent Barry easily got fouled by Derek Fisher at the end.

I am an advocate for refs not deciding games, mainly at the end, but man this was a blatant foul. The Spurs could easily be the ones up 3-1, but you have to give Kobe his dues, he is finally winning without Shaq (No pun intended).

-The Celtics will win the NBA Finals. Sorry Detroit fans, but there is no way you will win any more games in Boston. The Big 3 are just unstoppable there and the fans are right there behind the Celts. Boston just seems to be on their game when they're at home. Now that they have shown they can at least steal a game on the road I think they can top the Lakers (or Spurs for that matter).

-I am finally enjoying the NBA Playoffs for the first time in probably 6 years. Although I am a Spurs fan and it is great to see them win it all, but in all seriousness I have not enjoyed watching the NBA at all since they left NBC and stopped playing defense. But I have to give the players, top teams, and even David Stern some credit for the enjoyable 2008 season and the playoffs. The NBA hasn't had this quality of play in a longtime.

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