Thursday, May 29, 2008

Spelling Bee: We have Spell Check nowadays

With the Scripps National Spelling Bee underway I find it fitting to do a post on this.

First off I want to clarify this, I love watching the spelling bee, it is very interesting and I am always amazed at how smart these kids are.

But really now, I mean this is really pathetic. We have these kids studying and learning to spell these insane words all day.

Many of these kids spend all day couped up inside their homes studying to be the best and the smartest, I mean come on now. We even have spell check now (and boy I am glad we do)! So why can't they use it?

Well we obviously need to have some sense of how to spell words, but if I can make it by then these kids can too. There is no need for these kids to spend their whole lives studying these words the majority of America can't even pronounce.

Being a kid is living life to the fullest, being able to play with your friends, go and enjoy the outdoors, playing catch with your dad, fun stuff like that.

How are these kids supposed to be social at all when they get older? I mean, not to be too rough but these kids need lives. How will they be able to go out into the job world and handle anything? Get a date? Go to a party in college? Or anything? These kids will not be able to deal with real life and it is important for people to have a social life, which is sad really, we need to enjoy life every once and awhile.

The first to blame is the parents, they have their kids inside studying, learning these outrageous words, and sadly, mainly because the parents (not all of them but I would say a good majority of them) are trying to fulfill their past lives with their kids. And it's sad.

On a side note, I would like to thank spell check for this post, because without you this post wouldn't be possible...

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