Wednesday, October 6, 2010

2010 MLB Playoff Predictions: NL

Time for our NL Predictions!


Phillies vs. Reds
The Phillies are the heavy favorite to represent the NL in the World Series.  They have 3 very tough pitchers that will give them an advantage over almost every opponent.  The offense has been inconsistent but the past two seasons they've turned it on for the playoffs.  Keep an eye on Jimmy Rollins as he's not 100%.  As for the Reds, I can see them making this a good series.  They have capable pitching to matchup with Philly.  If Volquez, Cueto, and Arroyo get going Cincy can be very solid.  It remains to be seen whether the Reds' offense can put up enough runs after their up and down September/October.

Phillies in 4

Giants vs. Braves
This is a very intriguing matchup and the most compelling of the the divisional series IMO.  The key here will be how Atlanta plays in San Francisco.  If they sneak away with a split heading to ATL they will win this series.  The Braves finished with the best home record in all of baseball.  We all know about the Giants pitching, but it will come down to their off and on offense.  They are arguably the most inconsistent offense in the playoffs.   The pitching and defense will be there, but it will depend on how many runs the G men can put up consistently.  As for the Braves,  I am not sure if they have the pitching to match up.  But like I said, if they win in San Fran, anything can happen.

Giants in 5


Phillies vs. Giants
I think most people can say that this is the NL matchup they want to see.  The two best pitching staffs in all of baseball matching up in the NLCS.  You've got the two dominant rotations battling and two frivolous offenses squaring up.  Look for low scoring battles that will come down to who makes the least mistakes.

Phillies in 6

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