Monday, December 24, 2007

Top 5 Games of 2007

After doing some deep thinking, here's The Sports Flow's Top 5 game of 2007.

5. Ohio St. vs. Xavier- 2nd Round- NCAA Tournament
I specifically remember watching this game with some buddies and it was one hell of a game. It was back and forth, superstar playmaking game, with the the top players on each team stepping up big time. The best of the 2007 NCAA Tournament in my opinion and one of the best of 2007. It looked like Xavier was going to pull away late in the 2nd half, but Mike Conley Jr. and Ron Lewis had something else in mind...

Just ignore the first part, after about 20 seconds it will show the highlights.

4. Michigan vs. Appalachian St.
FCS Powerhouse Appalachian St. shocks the world with their upset over 5th ranked Michigan. This was a great Saturday in college football history and might be the biggest upset ever in college football.

3. Patriots vs. Colts- 2007 AFC Championship
Comeback for the Super Bowl champion Colts. Just a hard-fought, great all-around football game.

2. Oklahoma St. vs. Texas- College Basketball Game
One of the greatest game I have ever seen. 3 OT game, back and forth with clutch plays and shots. Sorry couldn't find any video highlights of this game. So here's an article from MSNBC Sports:

1. Boise St. vs. Oklahoma- 2007 Fiesta Bowl
Who would have thought otherwise? Undisputed number one game...

There you have it our Top 5 games of 2007. Thoughts? Did we miss any games?

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