Monday, April 7, 2008

National Championship Preview: Third Times a Charm

Let's go back to November, where my Final Four and National Championship picks were still alive. For my pre-season preview I predicted three of the four Final Four teams correctly: Memphis, UCLA, and North Carolina. And I could be right with the national championship pick as I predicted Memphis to win it all way back when.

As I look at this match up I see two very similar styles. Both Memphis and Kansas like to get out and run. Both like to penetrate and kick. This should be a very good championship game tonight. It won't be a boring game, (thank God no Big Ten teams are in it) it'll be a fast paced, high scoring affair which is what nearly every college hoops fan wants to see and deserves.

As you look at both of the two teams they mirror each other pretty well. I think it's all going to come down to individual match ups, as it usually does in the NCAA Tournament.

The guard match ups should be great with Derrick Rose, Antonio Anderson, Chris Douglas-Roberts, and Willie Kemp going up against the likes of Mario Chalmers, Brandon Rush, Russell Robinson and Sherron Collins.

Memphis may have a little more depth here and I gotta give the edge to Memphis in this department, Derrick Rose has proved to me during the dance that he is the best point guard in the nation; and Chris Douglas-Roberts has been sensational lately. Kansas doesn't have anyone that matches up well with CDR.

The frontcourt is fairly even as well. Both have three big men that they rely heavily on. Joey Dorsey, Shawn Taggart, and Robert Dozier have done the little things to help Memphis get this far, (not to take anything away from Rose or CDR). And Kansas wouldn't be here without their big men either.

But in the end, I gotta go with the MEMPHIS TIGERS. Not just because I am a Mizzou Tigers fan. But Memphis has been so consistent this tournament, they've made their free throws when everyone doubted them. Derrick Rose and Chris Douglas-Roberts have been sensational and they're not going to run out of gas, even when it's $3.19 a gallon.

At a time like this I would like to quote an article I wrote back in June about the Memphis Tigers: "Chris Douglas-Roberts returned for one reason, to get a national title. You know what they always say: “third times a charm”."

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