Friday, April 11, 2008

Should I stay or should I go now?

Time to talk some NBA Draft and my thoughts on who should stay and who should leave. (This isn't a prediction on who will leave and stay, it's what I think they should do).

Let's start with the national champions:

Kansas Jayhawks
Brandon Rush

Rush was solid this season, he showed that his injury didn't slow him one bit. He improved his slashing ability that many draft experts we're saying was his big weakness. He has great size for an NBA SG. Plus, he won a national title. He's a lock for the first round.
Decision: Leave

Darrell Arthur

Arthur has a boat load of potential and the sky is pretty much the limit for this kid. He needs to bulk up a little bit more to become a good NBA player. Must also improve his FT shooting and his foul trouble.
Decision: Leave

Mario Chalmers

Chalmers' stock rose after the championship game. He's a pretty inconsistent scorer and he still needs to truly prove he can be an everyday PG in the NBA.
Decision: Stay

Memphis Tigers
Chris Douglas-Roberts

He came back to win a title and he fell one game short. Will that make him yearn for more? Roberts has all the intangibles of an NBA player. He can slash and shoot and he's very versatile.
Decision: Leave

Derrick Rose

He was the best PG in the country this past season. He can do everything. He is a more natural scorer than most PGs. He reminds me a lot of Chris Paul with more size. Has tremendous strength but he still needs to become a more consistent shooter. Could be number one pick.
Decision: Leave

UCLA Bruins
Kevin Love

Love is a tremendous player. He can pass and shoot from anywhere. He is slow on his feet and his weight could slow him down the first few years in the NBA.
Decision: Leave

Darren Collison
Collison was another player who came back to win a title, but came up empty handed. Collision is quick and has good handles but he lacks strength. Size isn't a plus either.
Decision: Stay

Josh Shipp
Shipp was great at the beginning of the season but he started to wear off and lose his touch towards the end. He can be a great shooter at times but at other times it can be ugly.
Decision: Stay

Russell Westbrook

Westbrook really improved his stock over the season. He is an absolute great defender and because of it he could be a top 10 pick. He also showed he can score but who really knows about that at the next level.
Decision: Stay

Luc Richard Mbah a Moute
Luc was close to leaving last season. He was injured this year which will likely keep him back again. He is a pretty good rebounder and a decent shooter for his size. Should think twice about his injury.
Decision: Stay

North Carolina Tar Heels

Tyler Hansbrough
Tyler is a great college player, but who knows how he'll be in the NBA. He is strong, physical, and has a great work ethic.
Decision: Stay

Tywon Lawson

Lawson's stock has dropped ever since his injury. There is no doubt he can be an NBA PG, he is so fast, great in transition, can score, and dish the rock. But will his injury make some scouts and GMs think twice?
Decision: Stay

Wayne Ellington

Ellington is a pure shooter and will be a great NBA SG. But he is too one-dimensional. He needs to work on his driving ability and defense as well.
Decision: Stay

Texas Longhorns

D.J. Augustin
Augustin may be a good NBA player, he can shoot, drive, and also dish. But, not many 6' point guards make it in the NBA.
Decision: Stay

Jerryd Bayless

Bayless could be a top 5 pick. Can be inconsistent at times, needs to establish himself as a true PG. He can no doubt score, but he needs to learn how to dish and become a complete player.
Decision: Leave

Chase Budinger

He is very athletic. Needs to become a better defensive player, he lacks quickness and his rebounding is weak.
Decision: Stay

Earl Clark

He has tremendous upside and the sky's the limit for his potential. He needs to get a little stronger. He is a little raw still. His versatility will work well in the league. Could use one more college year.
Decision: Stay

Derrick Caracter
He doesn't always put in the effort, but when he does he's a force inside and on the boards. He lacks discipline, which may be enough for everyone to pass up on him.
Decision: Stay

Terrence Williams

He is very strong and athletic, but his size could make him a lower 2nd round pick.
Decision: Stay

Michael Beasley, KSU
- Leave
O.J. Mayo, USC
- Leave
Brook Lopez, Stanford
- Leave
Anthony Randolph, LSU- Leave
DeAndre Jordan, Texas A&M- Stay
Robin Lopez, Stanford
- Stay
Eric Gordon, Indiana
- Leave
Taj Gibson, USC- Stay