Saturday, April 19, 2008

NBA Playoff Predictions

Sorry this is a little late but I still wanted to get an NBA Playoff post in. Here's some brief playoff predictions.

Western Conference

LA Lakers over Denver Nuggets in 7
Too much Kobe and Gasol down low

Houston Rockets over Utah Jazz in 6
Rockets play great defense and Luis Scola has filled in great for Yao Ming

San Antonio Spurs over Phoenix Suns in 6
It's tough to beat the Spurs in a 7 game series. Too much defense, team play, and Duncan and Parker for the Suns.

New Orleans Hornets over Dallas Mavs in 7
The Hornets are for real and Chris Paul won't let their chances slip away.

2nd Round
LA Lakers over Houston Rockets in 6
Kobe will keep Tracy McGrady in check

San Antonio Spurs over New Orleans Hornets in 6
I'll take Duncan and Parker over Paul and West

Western Conference Finals
San Antonio Spurs over
LA Lakers in 7
Once again, I'll take team basketball and defense over Kobe and Co., plus it always seems Tony Parker brings it in the playoffs.

Eastern Conference
Boston over Atlanta in 5
KG, Pierce, and Allen will dominate the Hawks

Washington Wizards over Cleveland Cavs in 7
Gilbert Arenas is back and I don't think the Cavs will make another run this year.

Toronto Raptors over Orlando Magic in 7
I had to pick some kind of upset. Raptors were here last year, Magic weren't.

Detroit Pistons over Philadelphia in 5
Pistons have the best defense in the league

2nd Round
Boston Celtics over Washington Wizards in 7
I think Arenas, Jamison, and Butler can take it to 7 games but the Celtics have too much fire power in the end.

Detroit Pistons over Toronto Raptors in 6
Pistons have been here before

Eastern Conference Finals
Boston Celtics over Detroit Pistons in 7
This should be a great series. Both teams play great defense but I still like the Celtics' overall talent.

NBA Finals
San Antonio Spurs over Boston Celtics in 7
I'm gonna stick with my gut and my pre-season prediction. This is like last year where everybody was doubting the Spurs and they won it out of no where. They still have Tim Duncan and Tony Parker and Bruce Bowen can still shut people down. As always, team basketball and defense usually prevail in the NBA.

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