Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What's Happened to Michigan Football?

Earlier this week there was a very suspect hiring in the Big10, in my opinion. The Michigan Wolverines solved their defensive woes by hiring Greg (the 10-27 coach from Syracuse) Robinson as their new coordinator. What the hell!?

Now I am no Michigan fan in any way but if I were a Michigan fan I'd be losing it right now. There have to be so many other coaches with better track records. Well, unless you consider him an upgrade because Syracuse hasn't lost to any 1-AA schools lately and Michigan lost to Toledo this year while Syracuse only lost to Akron!

I just wanted to point out this head-scratcher to everyone else. As an Iowa fan, however, I love this hire! And I'm sure the rest of the BigTen does too.


GM said...

I am a PSU fan and I am not as happy about this hire as I was and still am about the Rich Rod hire.

How does anyone expect a coach who couldn't win all his games in the Big East to succeed in the Big Ten?

Robinson isn't a bad coordinator but I still think Rich Rod will ruin this too.

KJ Flip said...

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