Thursday, January 29, 2009

Projecting the Seeds

Quick projections on how the top four seeds will look like in the NCAA Tournament and what region they will end up in.

Joe Lunardi's got nothing on me...

Region by Region:

1. Connecticut- overall 1 seed
2. Duke
3. Memphis
4. Gonzaga

1. North Carolina
2. Pittsburgh
3. Xavier
4. Arizona St.

1. Michigan St.
2. Wake Forest
3. Marquette
4. Texas

1. Oklahoma
2. Louisville
4, Purdue

If this were the case, here would be my Final Four predictions from the regions...

UConn, UNC, Michigan St., and Louisville


Ed The Sports Fan said...

I'm just glad your showing Oklahoma some love, thank you sir!


thecollegehockeyblog said...

really, washington is leading the Pac 10 and they're not a top 4 seed huh? nice.

Stefan Ming said...

like i said in the post, this is how I think it will end up. Not how it would be if it ended TODAY! Even Joe Lundardi has them as an 8 seed if it ended today.

Garsh said...

nice site, exchange links?

SoulOnIce said...

I like your Louisville Final Four pick, homie!