Wednesday, October 1, 2008

2008 MLB Playoff Predictions


Boston Redsox vs. Los Angeles Angels of Anahiem
Well we all watched the Red Sox run all over a weak Angels team last year; this year, the Red Sox are facing off against the team that’s not only the best in the AL but enjoyed a 17-9 September. It shouldn’t be close. Especially with Beckett coming in a little dinged up. Obviously it's hard to bet against the Red Sox Nation but I think this is one of the only circumstances that it should be done. The Angels are waaaay too complete of a ballclub. The Angels pretty much owned the Red Sox throughout the Regular season this year and I expect more of the same. Especially if the Angels can put themselves in save situations I fully expect K-Rod to be dealin his meanest. But don't completely write off the Red Sox. They're THE RED SOX. This is the PLAYOFFS. This will be a damn good series.

The Pick: Angels in 5

Tampa Bay Rays vs. Chicago White Sox
Okay, let’s be honest. I love the concept of what the Rays have done this year. I mean this franchise was pure crap for their entire existence. Now finally they are playing good all season. What a beautiful story. Here is the problem with all of this: it has to end somewhere. I think it ends here. That’s right, the fun is over. I hate to say it because I loathe the White Sox, I really do. Tampa will be good for several more years but I think they are tired. It has shown a little down the stretch. The lack of experience against a veteran team like the White Sox will be their undoing. With all the veteran leadership on the White Sox side and the momentum they're riding off the win against the Twins I just don't see the Rays taking this one. I think you can look for veterans like Pierznsky and Griffey Jr. to have big series'.
The Pick: Chicago in 4

Los Angeles Angels of Anahiem vs. Chicago White Sox
This matchup is just laden with veteran leadership and good starting pitching. However if this is indeed the ALCS matchup I think you can look for the Angels to have an easier time with the White Sox than the Red Sox. The White Sox are a good team and I think Ozzie Guillen is a good enough manager to make this as close as possible but I think the Angels are in a class above the White Sox. Their pitching is all around better and I also think their lineup is a little more potent.

The Pick: Angels in 4

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