Wednesday, October 8, 2008

TSF Head-To-Head Fantasy Football Showdown Preview!

Sorry for the ridiculously long title but this is epic. Stefan and myself (Joe) will be facing off head-to-head in our yahoo fantasy football league this Sunday pitting two of the greatest sports minds on the blogosphere against one another.

It's going to be intense and a lot of fun so I'm going to break down everything for everyone since you can't physically get into our league to see and then we'll let you know next Tuesday how the weekend shakes down.

This is our league with friends from home (Bismarck, ND) and from our summer softball team(s). Another noteable blogger in the league is twins25 or Jon Reed from Anyways, our records going in have me (The PurplePussy Eaters) at 2-3 and stefan (Romophobic) at 3-2. That puts me in 9th (but tied for 7th) and stefan in 5th (tied for 2nd). So, as you can see it's a tight league. I'll be looking to even up with stefan and get back to .500 this weekend.

Our Lineups
Joe (The PurplePussy Eaters)
QB- Eli Mannings at Cleveland
WR - Roddy White vs Chicago
WR - Brandon Marshall vs Jacksonville
WR - Steve Smith at Tampa Bay
RB - Marion Barber at Arizona
RB - Ronnie Brown at Houston
TE - Kellen Winslow vs NYG
WR/RB - Tim Hightower at Dallas
K - Josh Scobee at Denver
D - Dallas at Arizona

Stefan (Romophobic)
QB - David Garrard at Denver
WR - Andre Johnson vs Miami
WR - Laveranues Coles vs Cinci
WR - Steve Breaston vs Dallas
RB - Steve Slaton vs Miami
RB - Steven Jackson at Washington
TE - Owen Daniels vs Miami
WR/RB - Jamal Lewis vs NYG
K - Jason Elam vs Chicago
D - NYJ vs. Cinci

Yahoo has Stefan predicted to win 135.75 - 132.88. Which is basically a tossup. I think it's going to be really close but I like my chances. Who do you think will win and why?

It's going to be a great weekend in fantasy football (and ND pheasant opener!) we'll be sure to let you know how this one turns out!


Stefan Ming said...

no way i lose to you... my team is pretty much 100% healthy (other than Colston), the last two weeks my team has finally broke through and after bye weeks from my RBs and a few WR they should be ready to rack up the points.

grittysquirrels said...

I see us as basically a toss-up at QB.
I think I have a better WR-corps than you.
Our RBs are very close I almost give myself the slight edge.
And my TE is better.

Our projected is virtually the same and I think this is going to be a REEEEEEEEEEaally close

Stefan Ming said...

well, santanio holmes has a bye this week plus colston is out... so that doesn't help... Pitt as my def. is out too so i had to pick up NYJ

thecollegehockeyblog said...

joe you lost to me, you can't talk trash at all.

Stefan Ming said...

sorry joe, i guess your trash-talking wasn't good enough... i blew you out... somewhat. my team dominated with the most pts. this week... never underestimate Romophobic