Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Take Your Pick: Big 12 vs. SEC

Just who is the best conference in College Football? Well, I'll tell ya...

This may be one of those rare years that another conference is better than the SEC.

Every once and awhile there's another major conference that comes about one season, to flex its muscles and show they're just as good or even better than that defensive-minded, top-heavy coaching, and talent rich conference in the southeast.

The Big XII may just be that conference this year. Currently, they have 4 teams in the AP Top 10 and 6 teams in the Top 25. The SEC meanwhile, has 3 teams in the top 10 and 6 overall as well.

The SEC usually has the best matchups year in and year out. We've already witnessed Florida-Tennessee, LSU-Auburn, and Alabama-Georgia, yet we still have Florida-LSU, Florida-Georgia, Alabama-LSU, and more to enjoy.

But the Big XII has great matchups as well, Texas-Oklahoma is this weekend, plus we get to look forward to Texas Tech-Texas, Texas Tech-Oklahoma, Missouri-Kansas, and Kansas-Texas.

Not to mention the Big 12 has all those stellar QBs; "The top five passers in the Big 12 have completed 73 percent of their passes for 306 yards a game, with a 6-to-1 TD-to-interception ratio (77 TDs, 13 interceptions) and a ridiculous 10.5 yards per pass attempt." According to Foxsports.com.

The SEC although has actually started it's conference games. I believe their conference showdowns have been in full-fledged for 3 weeks now and that is why the Big 12 has more in the top 10 and more higher ranked teams than the SEC.

Georgia's had to play South Carolina and Alabama, Florida's played Tennessee and Mississippi already, Tennessee took on Auburn, Vandy has topped South Carolina, Ole Miss, and Auburn. Auburn's played Mississippi St., LSU, and the others I've mentioned, LSU took on Mississippi St., and Alabama rolled Georgia. You get the point...

Need I say more. I must say every year, this conference completely beats each other up and yet you still see them have the most teams ranked out there.

The SEC has been beating each other up for 3 weeks now. This past Saturday was the first weekend of Big 12 conference matchups and yet they still don't have more ranked teams than the SEC.

It's the dominant defenses, best of the best coaches, top-heavy contenders, and the overall teams from top to bottom that wins it for the SEC. You can make it an argument that the top teams in the Big XII are just as good as the SEC, but the SECs bottom feeders easily take it over their counterparts.

Once we get more into the season you will see the SEC separate themselves from the Big XII.

And once again, you will see another SEC in the BCS National Championship game.

The Big XII this year has a lot to boast about, but sorry Big XII, the SEC still takes the cake.

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