Tuesday, August 11, 2009

2009 College Football Preview: SEC

College Football is just around the corner! We will be doing our College Football Preview until the first game begins with conference predictions, all-conference teams, BCS Bowl predictions and more...

Projected Order of Finish


1. Florida
Well duh... The Gators are the overwhelming favorite in the East. Tim Tebow returns along with 6 other offensive starters. Jeff Demps and Chris Rainey are dynamic speedsters who can step right in for Percy Harvin. The defense also returns all 11 starters and the whole two-deep depth chart.

2. Georgia
The Dawgs lose some valuable players in Matt Stafford and Knowshon Moreno. Joe Cox is ready to take the helms under center. AJ Green may be the best WR in the conference (if not the country) and Caleb King should fill in well at RB. The defense had a lot of young talent last year. The defensive line should be tough with Geno Atkins back. Look for the defense to improve.

3. Tennessee
The Vols were awful last year, but I think they will be a lot better this season. This team had some talent but were inexperienced. The defense was one of the best in the conference but the offense just couldn't put points on the board. Eric Berry is arguably the best DB in the nation. Look for QB Jonathan Crompton to get the Vols O some more production.

4. South Carolina
The Gamecocks lose some big time players on both sides of the ball. Stephen Garcia will be the main QB this season and looks to help a struggling offense. The defense has always been there but they need more consistency on the other side. This will once again not be Steve Spurrier's year in South Carolina.

5. Vanderbilt
Vandy returns 19 starters from an improved 2008 season. They still lack that star that can get them over the top; the defense was good last season but they often relied on it too much. If they can get some more consistency from the offense and hold their own on defense, the Commodores could get over the hump.

6. Kentucky
Kentucky was same old Kentucky last year yet they still found themselves in a bowl game. The offense was abysmal but the QBs look promising and RB Alfonso Smith is a good back. The defense has a few play makers but look for the Cats to continue down the bottom of the SEC East.


1. Mississippi
The Rebels showed what they were made of in their bowl game drupping of Texas Tech. Jevan Snead might be one of the most underrated QB's in the nation. Plenty experience returns on both sides of the ball. The RB position is stacked with Brandon Bolden, Cordera Eason, and Dexter McCluster all capable ball carriers.

2. Alabama
The defense returns 9 starters and the offense returns RB Mark Ingram and one of the best WRs in the nation in Julio Jones. QB position is a big question mark now that John Parker Wilson is gone.

3. LSU
You really think Les Miles will have another down year? Think again... QB Jordan Jefferson is coming along well and veteran RB Charles Scott is a bruiser in the backfield. WR Brandon LaFell should help spread defenses too.

4. Auburn
Auburn missed their first bowl game since 1999. New head coach Gene Chizik is looking to get this Tiger team back to the top. The talent is there and 14 starters are back. The offense was off and on last season but the defense kept them in games. Look for DB Zac Etheridge to be one of the best in the conference.

5. Arkansas
They went from good in 2007 to bad in 2008. Don't expect things to be much different this season. Ryan Mallett should finally give them some stability at QB, something they've been missing the past several seasons. The defense gave up a lot of points and must get better if they want to move up the West standings at all.

6. Mississippi St.
Look for new head coach Dan Mullen to bring some creativity to the offense. The MSU faithful should be pretty excited with the former Florida OC calling the plays. Too many question marks at the QB position and on offense for them to get back to a bowl game though.

SEC Championshp:
Florida over Mississippi

All TSF SEC Team

QB Tim Tebow- Florida
RB Charles Scott- LSU
RB Michael Smith- Arkansas
WR AJ Green- Georgia
WR Julio Jones- Alabama
TE Aaron Hernandez- Florida
OL Maurkice Pouncey- Florida
OL Mike Pouncey- Florida
OL Ciron Black- LSU
OL John Jerry- Ole Miss
OL Mike Johnson- Alabama

DL Carlos Dunlap- Florida
DL Greg Hardy- Ole Miss
DL Terrence Cody- Alabama
DL Geno Atkins- Georgia
LB Rennie Curran- Georgia
LB Brandon Spikes- Florida
LB Rolando McClain- Alabama
DB Eric Berry- Tennessee
DB Joe Haden- Florida
DB Ahmad Black- Florida
DB Trevard Lindley- Kentucky

Offensive Player of the Year
Tim Tebow- Florida

Defensive Player of the Year
Eric Berry- Tennessee

Freshman of the Year
Andre Dubose- Florida

Coach of the Year
Houston Nutt- Ole Miss

Top 3 Games:
Florida at LSU- Oct. 10
Alabama at Ole Miss- Oct. 10
LSU at Alabama- Nov. 7


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