Wednesday, August 5, 2009

MLB Power Rankings

Here's our first addition of out MLB Power Rankings.

1. Los Angeles Dodgers
Now that Manny is back they should be able to get home-field in the NL. The have hitters all over their line-up and the latest pick-up of RP George Sherrill should put them over the top.

2. New York Yankees
The top of the lineup is one of the best in baseball. Look for them to keep pounding the ball.

3. Boston Red Sox
Arguably the best pitching staff in the MLB. The pick-up of Victor Martinez turned a weakness into a strength and gave them a needed bat.

4. Los Angeles Angels
They've looked impressive since the break, but remember baseball is a marathon not a sprint.

5. Philadelphia Phillies
Jimmy Rollins is finally starting to regain his old self. If they won it all last year without a great starting rotation, imagine what Cliff Lee will do for them.

6. Texas Rangers
Boy can they hit the ball! Pitching will be what breaks them in the end. Imagine had they gotten Roy Halladay!

7. St. Louis Cardinals
Look for them to win the Central now, teams will have to pitch more to Pujols with Matt Holliday batting behind him.

8. Tampa Bay Rays
The Rays are making things interesting in the Al East.

9. San Francisco Giants
The additions of Freddy Sanchez and Ryan Garko should bolster the order. The best rotation in the NL should be what gets them the Wild Card in the end.

10. Colorado Rockies
The Rockies will not go away, they play solid defense and make you earn your runs.


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