Friday, August 14, 2009

Eagles are the Perfect Fit for Vick

The more I think about it the Eagles are really the perfect fit for Vick and vice versa. Obviously he needs to go to a team with good coaching, a great starting QB, and good infrastructure. The Eagles fit the bill perfectly.

Who better to help Vick get back into the swing of things than Donovan McNabb! Also you have to take into consideration that Vick won't be able to play until possibly week 6 so you have to look at the backup. Jay Feeley is a great backup and will be plenty sufficient while Vick picks up the speed of the game again.

I don't care if Donovan McNabb says that he is here as a QB. I have a prediction to make. I think that you can expect to see Vick used as an athlete from time to time later in the season (if necessary that is). You better believe that they didn't pay that kind of money for a 3rd stringer who, odds are wouldn't see the field at the QB position this year. I think that the Eagles would be best off putting Vick in the slot every once in a great while, throwing him a screen or two, or letting him take a direct snap and run with it. Especially if a key player gets hurt on offense I think you can expect to see Vick on the field as a secret weapon of sorts later in the season.

There really could not be a better fit. Vick gets a pretty decent deal with an option for next year from a contending team! He gets the chance to be a positive influence in a strong locker room and play for a coach who I believe who can handle him. I believe everybody deserves a second chance and I believe Vick has paid his dues. This is a absolute perfect opportunity for Vick and it will be very interesting to see if he will indeed make the most of it or throw everything away once again.


Eagles said...

Time will really tell if Eagles suit Vicks. Also, he has to work harder and show his form to the league. Let's hope that he gels in with the team!

Anonymous said...

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