Friday, August 21, 2009

Not for fun anymore

Little League is supposed to be for the kids. It's for kids to play with friends, learn the game of baseball and most importantly, have fun.

Well, not anymore.

Some parents have recently sued because of their kids' injuries during games/practices/scrimmages. But that's what we expect in a politically correct world nowadays. Gone are the days of individual responsibility.

To give credit to Rick Reilly, columnist for ESPN (one of the best there is) did an article on this.

A woman named Jean Gonzalez in Staten Island, NY sewed the local Little League, the teams manager and the first base coach because the first base coach sent her son to second on a double, where he slid awkwardly and tore his ACL. So she decided to sew.

That's the world we live in today. When in doubt, sue.

This is how people say thanks to coaches who devout their time to teach their kids the fundamentals and the game of baseball. That's what Staten Island gets for having a program for their kids to play.

It's always about ME, we live in a ME world.

Last week I rolled my ankle playing softball, maybe I should sew the Bismarck Softball Association because of it and/or the guy who was coming after me in a run-down.

Because of ridiculous litigation like the Gonzalez' in New York, it is making people afraid of getting sued. Lawsuits have taken away our freedom of speech and created/changed rules/laws so people DON'T get sued; and that's wrong.

Not just Little League but many other organizations (whether it be sports, businesses, or whatever) have catered to these people that sew for pleasure. No more on-deck circles in Little League, face-masked helmets, mandatory pitch counts, what next?

Lawsuits are just making things worse. It only brings down competition and less choices for people. For the people suing, they're only fixing a problem, by making it worse!


Biangarg said...

Injuries and games go hand in hand. I think there is no game that can be played without injuries. So just forget about games without injuries.

Eagles said...

It's so ironic that instead of appreciating an institution like Little League that has devoted itself to groom little kids into potential stars of tomorrow, it is being sued for injuries that the kids get in the games. I mean this is really ridiculous. When I was a kid, I got a hard ball on my forehead thereby resulting in a huge swell. What did I do? I just cried out and my elder bro took me home. Parents today are literally destroying their kids future.