Tuesday, November 13, 2007

MLB Free Agent Rankings and Speculation

Fire up the Hot Stove it's time to talk free agency in the world of Major League Baseball! I'm going to give you a list of top free agents ranked accordingly plus a small blurb on my thoughts on the player and where I think they'll wind up.

1. Alex Rodriguez - 3B
Who else did you think was going to be first? Expect to see a really high number wherever he lands as A-Rod's price tag reportedly starts at 10 years, $350 million.
Predicted Destination: Dodgers, Giants, Angels

2. Jorge Posada - C
Sure he's old, but the market for catchers is EXTREMELY thin this year. Word on the street is that the Yankees are offering 4 years at 52 million to wrap him up before he can even talk to other teams. That seems like a lot of money and a long period of time, but with Arod gone how else are the Yanks gunna spend their $$?!
Predicted Destination: Yankees

3. Torii Hunter - CF
Great on Defense and an underrated offensive player as well. He'd be a great addition to any team. If the Twins let Johan slip that would put them in a position to have enough moeny to resign Hunter - in which case would be in their best interest. However, he has the option to opt out.
Predicted Destination: Braves, Twins, Yankees

4. Mike Lowell - 3B
He followed up a nice 2006 season with a superb 2007 season and put himself in great position for the offseason. He hit .324 last year at age 34, but had never hit over .300 in any other season, and hitters typically do not add new skills at this late age. He is definately worth the money for a 2 year deal but I would shy away from anything more than that. Look for him to stay in Boston unless if someone offers him contract length that he can't resist.
Predicted Destination: Red Sox, Yankees, Phillies

5. Barry Bonds - OF/DH
Barry is a below-average outfielder but in the world of the DH he ranks highly in my opinion. He is definately looking for a 1-year contact right now and I see it happening somewhere where he can DH. When looking at his power, and plate discipline he looks like the next best pure hitter to Arod in this market.
Predicted Destination: A's, Padres

6. Francisco Cordero - RP
He owns the free-agent market as far as closers are concerned. Coming off of a 44 save season for the Brew Crew look for him to draw a healthy 4 year deal. Brewers GM Doug Melvin has verbalized resigning Cordero as his #1 objective for the offseason.
Predicted Destination: Brewers, Astros

7. Andy Petite - SP
Pettitte just completed his third straight season of at least 210 innings and 33 starts giving me every reason to believe that he can come back and be a middle of the rotation workhorse. He looks to me to be the best SP Available. He declined his option with the Yanks so don't expect him back in pinstripes.
Predicted Destination: Astros, Mets, Dodgers

8. Andruw Jones - CF
Could possibly still be classified as an "elite" CFer although he's coming off his worst season. The power is there and his defense is still good (although declining). Coming off such a poor 2007 season (40-point drop in average, 15 fewer homers and 35 fewer RBIs) makes me think that it would make sense for him to sign for 1 year somewhere and then try to hit the market again next season.
Predicted Destination: Dodgers, Rangers, Astros

9. Mariano Rivera - RP
He's aging but his control is still phenominal and his velocity is slipping minimally. He is still a good groundball pitcher who will still earn his fair share of strikeouts. He can still close games but due to his age I would expect nothing more than a 2year deal from someone.
Predicted Destination: Cubs, Yankees, Giants

10. Kosuke Fukudome - OF
While not incredibly well-known (I had to research him myself) Fukudome is probably the only impact player who'll be coming over from Japan this winter. His game has been compared to a current Bobby Abreau. I think you can look for him to attract a lot of attention and a 3 or 4 year deal without arbitration eligibility (this puts him back on the market at the age of 33 or 34).
Predicted Destination: Cardinals, Royals, Tigers


stephen a said...

Why do you have Hunter so much higher than Jones?

grittysquirrels said...

because jones is coming off by far the worst season of his career (as stated in the post) and i feel like he is better defensively right now than jones and younger.

stephen a said...

1. Jones is younger
2. Past 3 years Hunter: .337, .336, .334 OBP

Jones .347, .363, .311

Jones also had a 9 FRAA this year and Hunter was -1, meaning Hunter was worse than average defensively.

Bryan said...

Why in the hell would the Tigers go after Fukudome after trading for Jacque Jones?

Rivera will get at LEAST a 3 year deal, the Yankees have offered him one already.

Hunter will go to the Rangers.

How in the HELL does Francisco Cordero own the FA market when the best closer EVER is a FA? I know you're biased and you're a homer, but good god Joe... Mo Rivera is on the market. Cordero may be younger, but he still can't touch Rivera.

And Pettite is either retiring or going back to the Yankees, he has a standing $16 million dollar deal he can take at any point in time. And he has publicly said it's retirement or the Yankees. He declined his option because he wanted to free up the roster spot for the Yankees.

Dude... do your research. This post was pathetic.

grittysquirrels said...

I realize that Mo is the greatest closer to ever play the game and is by far the historical great of the 2. However, if you look at the statistics:

Cordero: 0W, 2.98 ERA, 66G, 44SV/51SVO (86%), 52 H, 21 ER, 1 HBP,18 BB, 86 K
Rivera: 3W, 3.15 ERA, 67G, 30 SV/34SVO (88%)68H, 25 ER, 6 HBP, 12BB, 74K

As you can see they are very comperable, however I do give the edge to Cordero. As you stated he is indeed younger as well, which when speaking of FAs is a major factor. Cordero is coming off a great year and Mo Rivera is coming off a very good year and is aging (losing slight velocity though control all still there). Even though I'm a homer, this isn't me being one (and i'm going to therapy for help so support me).

Also i recognize the Hunter to the Rangers rumors, however I dont' think that is what will happen. I see Hunter as a strong possibility of going back to the twins of they don't resign Johan. If now i see him possibly chosing a destination like ATL or NYY over TEX simply because they might be able to offer a little more $$ and a better chance to win.

That's just my feelings you can definitely disagree with them. I respect your opinions and i ask you respect mine.