Wednesday, November 21, 2007

FCS (1-AA) Playoff Predictions

With FCS being the highest division of College Football with a playoff system, it seems fitting to do some predictions; It's too bad my fellow 10-1 NDSU Bison can't be a part of this...

First Round
Northern Iowa 38
New Hampshire 24

Delaware 30
Delaware St. 20

Southern Illinois 31
Eastern Illinois 18

UMass 24
Fordham 16

McNeese St. 27
Eastern Washington 21

Appalachian St. 34
James Madison 24

Montana 34
Wofford 26

Richmond 32
E. Kentucky 30

Northern Iowa 27
Delaware 23

Southern Illinois 18
UMass 16

Appalachian St. 27
McNeese St. 24

Richmond 34
Montana 31

Southern Illinois 27
Northern Iowa 21

Appalachian St. 37
Richmond 32

FCS Final
Appalachian St. 26
Southern Illinois 23

Appalachian St. will win their 3rd straight FCS (Formerly 1-AA) Title. Half way through the season they struggled a bit, even after beating Michigan, and they were unhealthy as well with their QB Armanti Edwards being out. But now their team is fully healthy again and are looking to be a top FCS football once again.


Anonymous said...

Eastern Actually beat McNeese St. if you are going to post, you should make it accurate

Anonymous said...

actually, he predicted this before the first round even happened.(look at the date). And i'm not complaining seeing how he has my Mountaineers going all the way to a 3-peat!

Stefan Ming said...

if you're going to comment you should have a brain