Thursday, March 13, 2008

Bracketology gone College Hockey! (WCHA Conference Tourney)

I'm going to leave the college basketball pleasure to Stefan, however in keeping with the bracketology this week I'm going to give you my bracket for the NCAA D1 WCHA Conf. Tourney. I will be in attendance to all games help up in Grand Forks this weekend with UND taking on Mich Tech So I'm a little excited to say the least.

First Round
I see Colorado College having no problem with the Seawolves
I think the Gophers are going to find a way to keep their miserable season alive with a upset win in 3 games
St. Cloud beats the Badgers in 3
Denver wins in 3 against a feisty Duluth team
UND beat Tech in possibly 3 games depending on how the injury situation works out

Huskies end the Gophers "dream season"

CC Stays red hot against the Huskies.
UND has DUs number as of late and I don't see that changing.

UND upsets CC on the back of J.P. Lamoureaux and TJ Oshie.

It's not like I've never been called a homer before so let me know what you honestly think of my picks. I know I'm a UND student so I'm biased but I really see UND continuing their unbeaten ways. It's been 16 games since we lost ya know....

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stephen a said...

A couple points if I may. If SCSU beats the Gophs in the play-in Minnesota is still going to the NCAA tourney. And Wisconsin has played really well against SCSU in St Cloud the past couple years so I think they'll take that. I don't really see Duluth scoring enough to win a game in Denver but who knows. Other than that tho I definitely like the premise. You should do ones at least for Hockey East and the CCHA too