Saturday, March 22, 2008

Wraping Up a Big Day in Sports with the Red Dot

Although I'm exhausted from a busy day of sports. I'm going to give you some quick thoughts on what I saw today before I hit the sack.

-Upsets galore in Tampa Bay kept me entertained all day. I love march madness!

-The biggest surprise to me was how Sienna beat Vanderbilt. I did not see that coming, especially in the way that it happened.

-I was so impressed with Tyrone Brazelton's intelligent play under pressure. Not only did he turn in a great game with 33 points, but I was most impressed by how he got the ball up the floor quickly and made the smart pass back to the inbound man for the buzzerbeater. I felt bad for Drake. They had a dream season this year. But after seeing that I didn't even mind my bracket being busted!

-Sir Alexander Ovechkin is a really good player. It is still amazing to me how a team can be so bad that they have a player score 60 goals in one year and still be fighting for the 8th and final playoff spot in the NHL.

- I love the WKU Hilltopper mascot (The Red dot)

-I hate everything about the Minnesota Golden Gophers hockey team and hope with all of my being that they lose to DU in the WCHA Championship tomorrow

-I also hope that UND can beat CC tomorrow to solidify a 1-seed in the NCAA tourney tomorrow. GO SIOUX!

-Games to watch tomorrow: (5) Mich St. vs. (4) Pitt, (7) WVU vs. (2) Duke, (5) Notre Dame vs. (4) WSU, (6) Marquette vs. (3) Stanford

-Upset Alert: (11) KState over (3) Wisconsin if Walker and Beasley play possessed again I think the Wildcats can take this one from the Badgers.

-I've come to realize that I will never pick a perfect bracket.

-I can honestly say that I'm almost ready for baseball to start.

What'd you think of the big day in sports today? What will you be watching tomorrow?


stephen a said...

I thought K-State would give Wisky a little bit more of a run as well. I actually saw the Siena upset coming though. I didn't see the Nova upset coming however, even though it was a 12-5. I thought Clemson was pretty legit this year. oops.

Nate Gonner said...
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Nate Gonner said...

I have to agree with Stephen a on this one. K-State looked great against USC but their offense wasn't good against the Badgers. Great game plan by Wisconsin.