Friday, March 7, 2008

Daily Dose of Sarcasm

Just in between periods of some UND Fighting Sioux vs. SCSU Huskies hockey and I don't feel like blogging seriously right now so I'm going to give you your daily dose of sarcasm.

-The Suns are much better now that they have Shaq.

-The Rockets haven't won in a long time.

-Neither has UND Hockey.

-I don't think the Browns are committed to winning now.

-My childhood hero will never retire.

-Don't bother watching the Duke vs. UNC game.

-The Twins don't need to worry about Liriano coming back to form because they're loaded with quality veteran pitching.

-I'm not really excited for March Madness.

-Prince Fielder should shut his mouth because he's hardly worth $670,000.

Ok, the game is back on I have to go.
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