Saturday, March 29, 2008

Elite 8 Predictions


UNC vs. Louisville

I've been anticipating this match up ever since the bracket came out. I like pretty much every match up here. Both have some good guards even with Tywon Lawson I will give the edge to Louisville in this department because the Cards are a little deeper. Earl Clark will be a tough match up guard-wise for the Heels. Louisville's guards can give problems to UNC's with their depth and feisty defense. The frontcourt match up should be a dandy. David Padgett vs. Tyler Hansbrough; Both are physical players but I will once again give a slight edge to Louisville. Should be a great game.

The Pick: Louisville- yes I am picking them. I like their guard depth, their demanding defense, and Padgett down low.


UCLA vs. Xavier
UCLA's gotten away with some close calls lately, but they still win it because of their defense and experience, plus Kevin Love has been a huge factor as well. They'll need everyone to step up for their next game or they could be eliminated. Xavier is a well-balanced team and anyone can put up double figures for them, plus they're experienced as well. Should be another great game.

The Pick: UCLA's Defense will win it once again for them, plus they have Kevin Love.


Memphis vs. Texas
Memphis showed that they can play with and beat the top teams from the power conferences. The guard match ups will be a showdown here with Derrick Rose, Antonio Anderson, Andre Allen, and Willie Kemp vs. D.J. Augustin, A.J. Abrams, and Damion James. It's just a matter of if Texas's forwards are talented and quick enough to keep up with Memphis's forwards and bigs.

The Pick: Memphis's frontcourt and overall talent is just too much for the Longhorns, but expect a very close game.


Kansas vs. Davidson
Stephen Curry has continued to impress me. He is just a pure baller. Kansas meanwhile has been one of the more impressive teams. Their guards are excellent and they're just so talented. Davidson needs more than Curry to step up, especially their frontcourt like they did vs. Wisconsin if they want any piece of the Jayhawks.

The Pick: Kansas is just too talented and big for Curry and Co.


James Christensen said...

Gotta disagree w/ the Kansas pick... they might win, but it will be a close game. I say Davidson on a classic buzzer-beater.

Nate Gonner said...

Yeah definitely wasn't too much talent for Davidson. They had played teams in the regular season (like KU's next opponent UNC) and played very well against them. If Curry wouldn't of picked up his dribble we might of seen Davidson in the final four.

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