Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Celtics show teamwork wins championships

The Boston Celtics proved once again that you need teamwork in order to win a championship.

Paul Pierce was the man, he was the center of NBA glory after denying Phil Jackson's quest for his 10th NBA Title.

Pierce did it all with his scoring, leadership, and stayed patient when the Celts needed it most. He kept his team calm and gave them a will when they were down. Pierce also kept Kobe in check and without number 24, the Lakers were pretty lost. I think you can give Pierce the most credit individually for their championship finals win over the Lakers.

You also have to give Ray Allen credit, he hit some big shots when they needed it, when Pierce was struggling in game 3. Allen was the hero when Pierce wasn't, but that was only one game. Then you have Kevin Garnett, Pau Gasol was no match for him. Garnett was just too athletic, more physical, stronger, and just simply better than Gasol. The Lakers sure did miss Bynum. The Big 3 got it done.

Then there are the role players. James Posey came through when the Celtics desperately needed it. He hit some big and devastating threes to keep them in the game and continue some big leads in the first few games of the series. Plus, his great defense helped contain the Lakers' inside presence and kept them out of the paint.

Also, you have to give credit to Boston's defense. They gave the Lakers fits, not only did they shut down the Lakers' 2nd and 3rd scoring options, they shut down their main option, Kobe, when they needed it most. Pierce gave Kobe fits and when he pushed Bryant out of his game the Lakers were lost. Defense does truly win championships but it was also some teamwork that got them the win as well.

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