Sunday, June 15, 2008

MLB Wants Instant Replay by August

I posted a Buy or Sell piece last summer on instant replay in baseball. HERE IT IS. My stance here hasn't really changed much so I'm using my old post to do most of the explaining so definitely check it out.

Baseball wants to implement the new instant replay system for boundary calls by August so that the system will be fine tuned in time for the playoffs and World Series.

To make this happen MLB and the umpires union will first need to reach an agreement before instant replay can be used and the two sides have begun discussions on the issue. Bud Selig, the comissioner of the league, will need to sign off on the deal in order for it to be implemented, and he has been a staunch opposer to instant replay in the past. After seeing many of the blown calls throughout the season (especially of late) it seems that Selig is softening his position on the use of instant replay in MLB.

Many people in baseball find themselves divided on the use of instant replay. Some people think that instant replay should be implemented as soon as possible. Still, others who consider themselves baseball purists or “old school” think that human error is very much an intended part of the game. Also, many believe that instant replay will only slow the pace of an already slowly paced game. But isn't getting it right the most important thing?

I'm not going to go into too much detail in regards of my personal feelings or thoughts with instant replay because you can read my old post. But instant replay has had so much success in other leagues that it is about time that MLB makes this happen.

The umpires do not want replay used for any other situation then boundary calls, which I am a little iffy on. If you are going to use instant replay why not make sure that you’re getting all the calls right, such as stolen bases and plays at the plate (think Matt Holliday sliding home in the NLCS Game 7 last season). I do however, agree with the notion that instant replay should not be used to determine strikes or balls as that would severely hamper the pace of the game.

If all goes well it looks like this is going to happen before the end of the season. So what do you think? Still for it? Against it? Hit the comment box!

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hmm...against it...too many correct decisions spoil the human element...of good...