Monday, June 16, 2008

NBA Finals game 5 Reaction

I had coed softball sunday night so I missed a lot of the first half of the game but i caught the entire second half and would like to offer some thoughts.

-The Lakers really dodged a bullet here Sunday night. The series easily could have been over if a foul had been called on the Kobe breakaway dunk and had KG made some freethrows late.

-If the Lakers can't hold a lead at home at all I foresee this series not lasting long in Boston

-The Lakers are incredibly susceptible to the pick and roll and it really is a good thing that they didn't wind up playing the Hornets in the Western Conference Finals otherwise they might not even be here right now.

-It kind of looked like that the Lakers were the more physical team tonight for the first time in the series. I'm thinking this has to do with the Kendrick Perkins injury.

-Paul Pierce just about sealed the championship for the Celtics tonight by himself. With much help at all this series would be over already.

-Kobe needs to be more commanding down the stretch. He needs to earn all those Jordan comparisons and show everyone why he's MVP by wanting the ball in his hands down the stretch and knocking down shots.

-Lamar Odom chipping in 20 and 11 was absolutely HUGE for the Lakers tonight.

-I'm going to stand by my Celtics in 7 prediction although don't be surprised if this one ends in Boston in game 6

So what'd you think of Sunday night's game? Predictions for game 6?

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