Monday, June 9, 2008

TSF endorses John McCain

With the 2008 presidential election being one of the biggest ever, we would like to do a political post. The Sports Flow would like to announce it's presidential endorsement of Republican candidate John McCain.

We hope everyone who is eligible to vote will get out and vote this November. This is one of our most pivotal elections ever and we ask for everyone to look over the candidates and vote for the best candidate; who ever they agree with can lead this country in the right direction, whether it's McCain, Barack Obama, Bob Barr, or Ralph Nader.

Vote in '08.


Ed The Sports Fan said...

Wow, is that a bit risky to endorse a candidate publicly like that? You could galvanize your fan base? There could be a ton of Ron Paul or Ralph Nader fans out there who won't read you now! Lol...You know what, a voteless people is a hopeless people so I salute you TSF.

Obama in '08!

Stefan Ming said...

You know what Ed, I hope those people don't come back. Because this is a sports blog, not a political blog (I hope you weren't referring to yourself though, lol.) If they don't want to read my thoughts and opinions on sports because of my poltical preference well then they have a problem