Wednesday, June 25, 2008

USA Olympic Team Thoughts

Since the roster for the USA Olympic Basketball team came out on Monday, I would like to give a few thoughts.

Overall, it looks like a very talented and great squad. We all saw how they blew out the competition at the America's Tournament so things are looking great for the Olympics later this summer.

I think they can and definitely will win the gold. I don't see why not. They should be the favorites and I have a feeling they will get U.S. basketball back to the top.

It's good to see Kobe Bryant on the team. We've needed him the last several years, a star player who can get it done and score some points, plus he is a true leader. He can keep the younger guys together and if they are struggling on the offensive end he is talented enough to get them over the hump.

It's good and all to see a veteran PG on the team. Jason Kidd may be out of his prime but this team needs his experience at the PG position. He is a tremendous passer and they need a veteran like him, especially at the PG position. Chris Paul and Deron Williams will be excellent backups at PG with their youth and overall talent. I don't think any opposing team can match up with the PG depth of the United States'.

I find it kind of puzzling that they took Tayshaun Prince over Tyson Chandler. They are lacking in size and at the international level you need depth and defense down low. I can see if they had plenty of big men but that's not the case. Prince won't be able to match up with strong PF's. They only have Dwight Howard, Chris Bosh, and Carlos Boozer. They need another big man for down low; the international big men play pretty physical and Prince isn't going to solve that problem.

But overall, I like the talent and make up of this team. They should be the favorite and I think they will pull off their first gold medal since 2000.


James said...

I think Prince can shut down some of the weaker shoot-first SF's though. I think adding Chandler would be redundant with Howard and Bosh.

Stefan Ming said...

see that's the problem, they only have howard, bosh, and boozer. what if one of them get's injured? foul trouble? you need depth down low at the international level, esp. the Olympics. They have enough small forwards, I think they need another big man.

But your right he will be able to shut down the smaller shoot-first forwards.

Ed The Sports Fan said...

nah i like chandler, but i doubt that they need to play more than the 3 bigs. Besides, they got a 4th big in LeBron. Seriously, he's 6'8 250!!! He's Elton Brand on steriods...

-Ed. (great read)

Anonymous said...