Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sports Seasons too long?

Thursday night I listened to a little bit of GameNight on ESPN Radio hosted by Freddie Coleman. He started off with an interesting topic on how he thinks professional sports and even college sports may have too exhausting of a schedule, and I would have to agree.

The NBA Finals ended last Tuesday, June the 17th. What ever happened to basketball being a winter sport?

The NBA plays 82 games every season, I would have to agree with Coleman on this, it is was too long. Put the NBA at 70 games and move the first round of the playoffs back to a best of 5 series.

There is no need to end in the middle to late June, I don't think it benefits anybody. This way if you end in early May, it would give more players time off to heal up their injuries or as this year you have the Olympics.

A couple of players such as Amare Stoudemire and Tracy McGrady declined to play on the US Olympic team, if you have the season ending earlier, you would get more commitment to our national team and it would give players more time to rest.

Same goes with college basketball. Why is there a need to play more than 25 games (not including post-season)? 30 is too much (Kansas played 40 this season). If you make 25 the maximum for the regular season it would make more teams hesitate to schedule weaker, lower conference teams.

I think teams would schedule better teams if you lower the amount of games. Take Memphis for example, they already play in a semi-weak conference, if you lower the games they would have to go out and schedule tougher teams even more, to help them out with their seed come March.

This brings up another point. Why does March Madness end in April? Keep it consistent with it's name, lower the amount of regular season games, so March Madness truly ends in March.

Now comes baseball, why does the MLB need to play 162 games? If you lower the games to about 140 that could help ease the pain on some pitchers' arms; especially the younger pitchers who haven't been through or have thrown deep into a season. I think November is too late to end baseball, October is perfect.

I think some people would be against this because they say the leagues would lose revenue. For the most part I think this would create more interest, with bigger more intriguing games. By the time there's 162 games done in the MLB, the playoff teams are already set and stone, if there were 140 games, just imagine the scenario.

Overall, I think sports schedules are too long and I think it could increase fan base. It would benefit players, coaches, and teams more than it would hurt them.

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