Friday, June 6, 2008

NBA Finals Game 1 React

I'm sure most of you sports fans out there were watching the game tonight. I know I was. In case you missed it the Celtics beat the Lakers 98-88. Here are a few brief thoughts I had after game 1.

-Kobe was just not on tonight and facing the top Defense in the NBA didn't help either. Kobe managed to put up 24 points. However, he only shot 9-26 which is real bad.

-I'll admit I definitely thought the worst when Pierce went down like that. Then I was incredibly confused when he came out of the tunnel 4 minutes later ready to play. The whole things seems a little weird (I smell a fresh NBA Conspiracy Theory Post?)

-The big 3 looked good all putting up 20+. I'm very interested to see how Pierce's knee is feeling come game 2 though.

-The Perkins injury is going to be interesting to me because if he can't play anymore I think Pau Gasol could be a real problem for the Celtics to handle. Perkins didn't match up well against Gasol as it is and with him out I think Gasol could have a chance to really dominate. Unless if P.J. Brown is going to shut him down (which I highly doubt).

-KG's slam home on that rebound was straight ballin'.

-If the Lakers are going to win this series it needs to be in 5 or 6. I do not see the Lakers being able to come into the Garden and win a game 7.

-Game 1 was a little blah but I'm still convinced that this might be the best NBA finals in the last 10 years and I'm excited for Game 2 already!


UTP said...

I wouldnt underestimate the experience of P.J.Brown. Lets home K.Perkins can have more to play in the Finals but still this opens up the biggest weakness of the Celtics, their shallow bench dept.

Even though James Posey is the best 6th man around, there is not much to look forward to after him.

Stefan Ming said...

They can just put KG on Gasol. So that won't be a problem.