Thursday, May 17, 2007

Take Your Pick: Bonds vs. The Field for 2007 NL MVP

I'm definitely not The Sports Flow's official Bonds fan here (that's ming), I'm more the official, complete and total passionate Bonds hater. Anyways, I found myself in a conversation with a manager at work about a week ago. The conversation revolved first around the Brewers pummeling his Pirates, but then shifted towards this year's NL MVP race. Granted it's really early to be talking about this but can anybody other than Bonds win the NL MVP right now!?

As we speak right now it looks like Arod will make a pretty strong case for the AL MVP this season. However, the NL race MIGHT be a bit more open. If and when Bonds hits that fatal blast that sends the sports world into a downward spiral will that make him a lock for some after-season ass kissing? Let's look at stats.

Right now Bonds is batting: .301 AVG, 11 HRs, 23 RBIs, with 40 BBs and an OBP of .511. He's only K'd 15 times all year while slugging .699and this is in a total of 93 ABs.

Let's look deeper.
HRs: t-3rd --> He's tied with Dunn and trails my beloved Prince and sexy JJ.
BBs: 1st
OBP: 1st
SLG: 1st
K's: 1st --> I'm guessing...the list stops with players who have only K'd 17 times making him literally off the charts.

These all look great but you might say that 3rd in HRs isn't enough. OK, well to put things in perspective he's tied with Adam Dunn who also has 11 HRs but 54 Ks as to Bonds mere 15! For RBIs he's middle of the road and he's doing all these HRs, RBIs, Rs, and BBs on about 50 less ABs then everyone else atop the HR and RBI charts. If he can keep this up is there anyone who can rival him for it even if my Bash Bro's from Brewtown keep up their end...which would be rare. Throw in these stats with breaking THE record. Yes THE record, maybe in all of sports and is there any way that he doesn't win it. This is all besides the whole steroid issue and I'm trying to stay away from it so let me simplify it with as little rage as possible. Bonds will break the record...Bonds will probably then win NL MVP...Bonds will deserve neither.

The field is decently strong. Headlining in opposition of Bonds right now I like: Todd Helton, Prince Fielder, JJ Hardy, Carlos Beltran, Matt Holliday, Jose Reyes, Jimmy Rollins, Chipper Jones, Miguel Cabrera. Ok look, the field is incredibly hard to predict. It all depends on who does what and how teams do later in the year. But will it even matter? Because, unfortunately with Bonds, barring a god-forsaken injury, will break the record and then I find it pretty tough not to see Bonds as this year's NL MVP.....I'm disgusted.


ming01 said...

you tell me how he doesn't deserve mvp if he keeps this up? I guess all these numbers he's spitting out this season are fake... say what you want about the steroid allegations but if he keeps this up all season you cannot tell me he doesn't deserve the NL mvp. Read Love me Hate me and you'll see how hard of a worker he is and how much he's done to get where he is... (nm the steroids) he's putting up all these numbers... I guess all the other steroid users are buying from the wrong supplier cuz Bonds keeps putting up great numbers year after year. He's a great player and no one can deny that. The numbers are there...

Signal to Noise said...

I don't know...even if Barry breaks the record, I'm not sure he's the NL MVP, because I don't think the Giants make the playoffs, and more often than not, MLB MVPs are on playoff teams. I don't think he makes enough of a difference to elevate that team, because they don't protect him in the line-up any more. He's still the most dangerous hitter in baseball.