Thursday, May 3, 2007

TSF's Prospective 2007 MLB All-Rookie Team

Even though the season is merely 1/5 over I wanted to come at your with what I consider to be MY all-rookies team for the 2007 season. Judging by performance thus far, personal opinion, and performance to come, I give you my squad.

C - Carlos Ruiz - PHI

A lot of people probably would have taken Chris Iannetta from COL coming into the season and still might now. Ruiz has come on as a huge sleeper and is having a great season thus far. I went out on a limb in picking him up on my fantasy team when Ramon Hernandez went down early and man did it ever pay off. I didn't even really know much about him and I really lucked out. Anyways, he's hitting .288 with 1 HR, 10 RBIs, 10 runs scored, and 1 SB. Those aren't stifiling numbers but Iannetta has struggled immensely (.182, 0 HR, 4RBIs) in his time in the majors and Ruiz has been a pleasant surprise. He gets the nod.

1B - Joey Votto - CIN
Previous rookie classes have been loaded with 1B talent...well not so much this year. Votto's power numbers are getting better and unless both Scott Hatteburgh and the Reds get hot before the All-Star Break, I think you can expect to see a lot of this guy down the stretch this year.

2B - Howie Kendrick - LAA
Kelly Johnson has been the real surprise at 2B but unfortunately people forget that he isn't a rookie. He had 290 ABs in 80+ games in 2005 so he's a no-go. I like Kendrick here. He's got quick hands, some power and immense upside. I know he's on the DL right now but I'm still taking him because I think he'll do well this year and I've always liked him as a prospect.

3B - Alex Gordon - KC
This is the most obvious choice. Reminds me a lot of David Wright. He's been a little shaky thus far but that's to be expected I guess...I'd probably bat him clean-up too.

SS - Troy Tulowitzki - COL
Love the name and love the game. This guy is a 1st-class Dirt Bag (LB St.) and he has some good power. Playing in Colorado won't hurt either. He turned an unassisted triple play earlier last week so....yea I'm taking him.

SS is a pretty strong position here. Guy's like Stephen Drew (ARI), and Brandon Wood (LAA) and also great selections. You really can't go wrong with any of them....

LF - Billy Butler - KC
He's considered by many to be the next coming of Edgar Martinez and by some to be the best DH prospect ever. Position-wise he plays corner OF, and since I'm no fan of AL ball and it's DH I'm not having one. Butler plays LF on my squad and batts 5th behind teammate Gordon.

CF - Chris Young - ARI
I think he'll be a 20/20 guy this year and contend for NL ROY. I like him over Dukes (TB) who I think got a little over-hyped with the fast start and all. For the long haul I want Young for sure and He's batting leadoff.

RF- Delmon Young - TB
Yep...this is a no-brainer too. No real temper problems so far, which seems to be the only real knack on this kid and he has potential 40/40 written all over him (although not this year). a 3->4 combo of Young->Gordon in the batting order looks good to me. This kid will be a star.

Starting Rotation
1. Daisuke Matsuzaka (BOS)- I want to find out for certain whether the Gyro exists or not
2. Phillip Hughes (NYY)- Took a no-no into the 6th before leaving earlier this week....he'll be a stud
3. Mike Pelfrey (NYM)- He can hit upwards to 98 and has a good sinker. I think he'll do well this year especially if injuries continue to plague that staff.
4. Homer Bailey (CIN)- He's on the DL now but everybody loves him (could care less for his hair) and he's significantly better than a lot of the pitchers they have starting right now. I know he's on the DL so I'm going to pick a 6th Starter for good measure.
5.Tim Lincecum (SF)-He's lights-out amazing.
6. Matt Garza (MIN)-He had success at 4 different levels of play last year and the kid was good...USA Today Minor League POY in fact. He takes Homer Bailey's spot on the rotation while he gets healthy.

Batting Order
1. Chris Young (ARI)- CF
2. Howie Kendrick (LAA) - 2B
3. Delmon Young (TB) - RF
4. Alex Gordon (KC) - 3B
5. Billy Butler (KC) - LF
6. Troy Tulowitzki (COL) - SS
7. Joe Votto (CIN) - 1B
8. Carlos Ruiz (PHI) - C
9. Pitcher
It's all personal opinion and I respect your opinions and wanna know what changes you'd make in creating your own all-rookie team.


One More Dying Quail said...

Kendrick isn't a rookie either. He had 267 at-bats last season.

How about Dustin Pedroia? He's got a solid .180 batting average in 150 career at-bats.

stephen a said...

I dont think Joey Votto will get enough playing time up at the bigs. Also I like Hunter Pence in the outfield, and Stephen Drew is a much more talented ss than Tulo. Also, just a fun fact, one scout called Billy Butler the worst professional infielder ever.

stephen a said...

Also Brandon Wood isnt a shortstop

grittysquirrels said...

Yea I know he originally was but has been moved to 3B. ESPN still has him listed as 3B/SS but yea. And sorry about the mishap on the Kendrick rookie-status....If i had to change it I don't know who i'd take b/c I really don't want Pedroia and his robust .180 BA.

Any ideas for my new 2nd baseman?

And yea I can see that with Butler but no one will mind if he can play decent outfield and live up to the hype as a DH.

twins15 said...

Is Upton not a rookie? I'm assuming he got too many ABs last year?

I'll take Lincecum as my #1 pitcher... first start Sunday. He's studly.

grittysquirrels said...

Upton had 159 ABs in '04 and 175 in '06. If not though he definately would have made the squad. I looked into him but was disappointed by his unrookieness.

Anonymous said...

Quote: "4. Homer Bailey (CIN)- He's on the DL now but everybody loves him (could care less for his hair) and he's significantly better than a lot of the pitchers they have starting right now. I know he's on the DL so I'm going to pick a 6th Starter for good measure."

I had no idea Homer Bailey was on the DL. When & how did that happen?

The Beast said...

Kendrick is kinda a rookie. This is his first full Major League season. It is really unofrtunate that he will miss a few weeks now. I can't wait for Brandon Wood to play full-time now.

ming01 said...

howie kendrick is not a rookie

grittysquirrels said...

his ineligibility has already been adressed but thanks. (read the 1st comment)

ming01 said...

i did, i just wanted to tell you because it appears you still think he is a rookie which he is not

Blue Viking Devil said...

Micah Owings should get some consideration for your rookie pitching staff. It is early, but he is showing some stuff that could make him one of the best of this class.

grittysquirrels said...

Isn't he on the DL right now?

Blue Viking Devil said...

He just came off of the DL and pitched very well.

Anonymous said...

the dogg said lets add it up tulo or drew 1 tulo 2yrs younger then drew 2 if u watch espn baseball tonight hands down tulo better on d side 3 tulo batting avg higher then drews as of may 20- 07 tulo man

ming01 said...

i wish i could understand what you just typed...

Anonymous said...

To the Dustin Pedroia comments earlier.. He's now batting .302. Guess you might want to reconsider :)