Sunday, May 27, 2007

College Hoops Talk

Brandon Rush withdraws name from Draft

The KU star decided to stay for his junior season after withdrawing his name from the NBA Draft Friday.

Even though I usually enjoy seeing college players return instead of jumping early, I am quite disappointed. It's always good for the college game, but I am a Missouri Tigers fan and I hate to see a KU player return to an already stacked Jayhawk team. Especially since his brother, Kareem, starred at Mizzou.

But personally, I'd have to say it was a smart decision. I am sure he really thought about it hard and talked it over with his two brothers. I am sure he doesn't want to make the same mistake they did, especially Ja'Ron. Kareem had a solid 2-3 years but is currently no where to be found.

I give credit to B. Rush for making a wise decision to stay, I just wish other college players would realize the NBA will always be there; I know I am not alone when I say this because the college game is simply just better, more entertaining and intense to watch.

Check out Jason Whitlock's recent column on Rush: This can be good for you, Brandon

Three Point Line Pushed Back
The NCAA on Friday approved moving the men's three-point line back 1 foot in 2008; from 19 feet, 9 inches to 20 feet, 9 inches.

The decision by the Playing Rules Oversight Panel marks the first major alteration to the three-point shot since its adoption in 1986-87.

The men's basketball rules committee recommended the measure May 3.

I'm not going to lie but I'm not a guy who is really into change at all, but I think this will improve the college game. It will space things out more everywhere; the lane will be opened a little more and it won't be as congested.

Plus, we will see a little more of the real three point shooters. Some shooters won't be as tempted to shoot the long range shot. I really hate seeing big guys shooting three pointers. I remember watching games where it was three after three after three.

We'll get to see a little more of everything. Also, it looks like we'll see a lot more zone defense as well. Believe me, it won't just be the offensive side that will be changed drastically here.

But overall, I am with the majority of the fans and media, It shouldn't be a shot where teams average over 33%. It should be a much tougher shot, and taken less frequently.


The Scrapper said...

I wish Josh McRoberts had an ounce of the wisdom and common sense that Brandon Rush just displayed. Rush was going to be a late first round pick and now he has a year to cement himself as a lottery pick. I don't really like the decision that Hibbert made though. Sure he has improved dramatically every year, but how do you turn down being a lottery pick? My general rule of thumb is that if you're a projected lottery pick you should go pro, don't risk a set back. Josh McRoberts was a sure fire lottery pick after his freshman year and now he's going to be taken at the end of the first round.

ming01 said...

Well, I kinda thought it was a good decision for Hibbert. He doesn't want to take a chance at coming off the bench and would prefer to be a top 3 pick next year instead of 8-15 this year. Plus, he said he wants to win a national championship as well. And why wouldn;t you when you have everyone back but Green and you went to the Final Four last year...

grittysquirrels said...

Yea I like Hibberts decision too. I think GTown will be the real deal next year and will definitely contend for the title even without Green.

I'm also elated with Rush's wisdom and humored by McRobert's idiocy.

TheNaturalMevs said...

What in the world ever happened to Kareem Rush? That guy could BALL.

point 23 said...

Doesn't Kareem Rush look like he is stuck in 1991? I swear I saw him hangin' with Tupac's crew in Above the Rim the other day.

Personally, I don't get Hibbert's decision...the big money in the L comes in the second contract anyways and it isn't like next year'sclass is as bad as last year's. has him going 11th, still. If he wanted that title so bad, why'd he bounce in the first place?

McRoberts HAD to come out. His stock has fallen every single season since his freshman year. If he stays another year, his game only gets dissected more and more (and please believe, that ain't a good thing) and he'll end up going in the second round. He would get the ball less and less this year, too, cuz Duke, regrettably, had a stellar recruiting class. He shoulda came out last year.

Man, I can't wait for this draft.

ming01 said...

well what would you rather do win a national championship and be a top 3 pick next year or come off the bench and be an 8-15 pick this year? I know what I'm doing...