Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I Think It's About Time You Drop the NBA Conspiracy Theory!

So last night I was driving home from my girlfriend's house around 1:20ish AM and I was listening to ESPN 710 (Bismarck). Let it be known right now before I slam what I heard that I don't like ESPN Radio in the first place. I like Mike & Mike in the Morning and The Dan Patrick Show but that's about it. The rest is trash in my opinion. I much prefer Fox Sports Radio. I don't understand why one would want to listen to Sportscenter when you can watch it on TV. You can even watch Mike & Mike if you want to. Regardless, here it goes....

I'm driving home and whichever idiot was in charge (Jason Smith, John Smith...something like that) was talking about the Spurs vs. Jazz game. He was talking about how often the Spurs were at the free-throw line (41 times to Utah's 20) especially in the fourth quarter. Headlining this statistic was the fact that Manu Ginobili went to the line 15 times. Now Manu had a great game. He went for 22 pts. on 4-10 from the field and 12-15 from the line. For some godforsaken reason this numbskull decided to correlate this to the NBA Conspiracy theory
. He claimed that, "The NBA shows its international players a little too much love." He said that, "The NBA wants to promote its game globally by showing favoritism to it's popular foreign players and it's teams with those foreign players."

What the hell is wrong with you? Where have you been? I'll admit that I used to be a subscriber to the various NBA conspiracy theories myself. However, in light of the recent events of the NBA I don't see how it is possible to believe in this crap. I no longer believe in the NBA conspiracy theories and I don't see how anybody possibly still can.

You have the whole Spurs vs. Suns suspensions that basically ruined the series and ultimately helped to alter the course of this year's NBA champ. On top of that you have the first two picks in the draft going to the Blazers and the Sonics. You have the 2 best prospects in the best class since the Lebron, 'Melo, and DWade class going to two small-market teams in the NW where the NBA doesn't exactly thrive.

There are a multitiude of NBA Conspiracy theories out there and all revolve around money. They all have to do with the NBA making decisions and certain things happening on and off the court revolving around revenue. Basically to be a good NBA conspiracy theory you need to find a way to get the NBA to sell out for the green. Both the suspensions and the draft lottery have negated the NBA conspiracy premise completely.

Just by looking at what has been going on in the NBA as of late I find it nearly to impossible to continue to buy into this crap. Short of maybe Dirk getting the MVP there has been nothing really to legitimately conjure up such a stupid idea this season. Especially since when you think about it if Dirk wouldn't have won it Nash would have. Both are foreign players anyways so don't try and justify his dumb ideas with this example either.

Does this seem as foolish to say/think to you as it does to me or do you still buy into the conspiracy theory(s)? If so what are your favorite or most ridiculous theories and why?

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twins15 said...

Yeah, all those conspiracy theories are awful... if there was an NBA conspiracy, then like you said the two picks wouldn't have gone to Seattle and Portland, and Dallas and Phoenix would be playing in the conference finals right now.