Sunday, May 6, 2007

NBA Playoff Thoughts

The NBA Playoffs haven't been too bad thus far. I mean, I'll continue to watch as long my Spurs keep winning. But I don't watch it nearly as much as I did back when they were on NBC. I watched just about every game when I was younger. And now I only watch when my Spurs are on. But anyways, here's some thoughts on the playoffs so far.

Spurs top Suns in Game 1
The Spurs came out with a big game 1 win in Phoenix. Tim Duncan and Tony Parker were very impressive with 33 and 32 points apiece. Parker pretty much was the main factor in the win, he hit some key shots to keep San Antonio ahead for much of the game. It was basically a back and forth game the whole way, but Parker kept the Spurs alive with his performance.

One main factor was Steve Nash had to sit out about the last 45 minutes or so after colliding with Parker. It initially looked like Parker took it harder than Nash did, but Nash got a huge cut on his noise and it would not stop bleeding. They tried to stop the bleeding but it just kept gushing, which was a huge difference in the Spurs win. The Suns were without their floor general for those last critical seconds and the Spurs took advantage.

Nash did return for the last 9.1 seconds but it was too late as the Spurs were up 110-106. The Spurs were 5-for-9 at the foul line down the stretch, just good enough to win.

Warriors stun Mavs
Boy was I happy when Golden St. knocked off Dallas. Nothing is better for a Spurs fan than to see the Mavs get knocked off.

I mean this is one of the greatest things ever to happen in the NBA Playoffs. And I can thank Baron Davis for it. Davis finished with a total 150 points, 37 rebounds, and 34 assists in 6 games; not bad despite being hobbled with a strained hamstring.

If it wasn't for his injuries, just think what could have been for Davis. He was very impressive in his years with the Hornets and he still can put up amazing numbers with all the injuries. If it wasn't for his injuries, the Warriors may have the best current point guard in the league.

Golden St. became only the third eighth seed to upset the No. 1 seed and the first since the opening round went from best-of-five to the current format. The Denver Nuggets (1994) and the New York Knicks (1999) are the only other teams to win a series.

NBA Finals Prediction
You can call me a homer, but I am going with the Spurs over the Cavs in 6. I'll agree with Complete Sports on the impressive Cavs. After watching them in the first round and today vs. the Nets, I have to take them. Lebron James and Co. won't be stopped in the east. But in the end, the Spurs will prevail. With the combinations of Duncan in the post, Parker wheeling and dealing, Ginobli's and Horry's smooth shots, and their defense; it leads me to think the San Antonio Spurs will be your 2007 NBA Champions.

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twins15 said...

Just to clarify, Nash missed about the last 1.5-2 minutes with that bleeding... but yeah, that was a fantastic game and should be a fantastic series. I think whoever wins that will win it all... and yeah, I think it will be the Spurs also.

Also, the NBA on ABC and ESPN isn't very good, but the NBA on TNT is even better than NBA on NBC ever was. Great announcers and great halftime/postgame show.