Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Bert Blyleven's Potty-Mouth Makes Me Laugh

Yea so up here in "Twins Territory" as their marketing ploy likes to call it, you can see basically every Minnesota Twins game on TV that you want. Everyone goes to the HomerDome and has their little "Circle Me Bert" sign and it seems all great and, yea whatever....

This video is from actual live cable television from last season...It's is really priceless. I actually laugh out loud every time I see it (listen to it really). So, Bert and Anthony are doing their little pregame talk-up deal and Bert thinks that they are taping it to be played before the game, but in reality this is playing live. It's almost 2 mins but you need to watch the whole thing:

I actually couldn't really give a damn about the Twins (I don't like AL Baseball much really) so I didn't have the intense pleasure of seeing this live. Rather it was brought to my attention by a friend, who is obviously a Twins fan. There is just no way to make that look good and I'm told that Blyleven paid the consequences with the FCC and whatnot.
What I really like is the look on Anthony's face when the camera pans back to them. As Bert is talking the looks on both their faces are priceless. He looks like he might explode and I have to admit I probably would have.

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