Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My World in Sports: A Little bit of Everything

There's a lot going on in the world of sports right now. I'm going to give you my opinions on what I find worth giving them on. Don't like them? Leave a comment, and then I'll see if it's worth thinking about or not.

King James = Cowardly James ?
I honestly think this is so stupid that people are talking about this so much. Sure LeBron has the knack on him that he doesn't like to take the last shot or whatever, that's fine to think that and have that predetermined notion of him. However, this is absolutely positively not to be included in that. He passed to a wide open teammate in Donyell Marshall in the corner. That is exactly what he is supposed to do, and as far as the other superstar players in the league they should take some notes. This is extremely commendable for multiple reasons: 1. It's incredibly unselfish, 2. Marshall is WIDE OPEN!, 3. Marshall is hot, having made probably 5 shots just like that to bury the Nets earlier in the week why the hell not give him the ball if he's so open, and 4. it shows a lot of maturity in James. I think he did exactly what he should have done and exactly what a lot of superstar players in this league fail to do. So drop it. I don't wanna hear about this on ESPN anymore.

The NFL's Character Issues
There was the big deal with Pacman and Henry a month or so ago and I love Roger Goodell and now it looks like he might have a few more decisions to make. Because this offseason has made it blatantly obvious that the NFL has a few issues off the field. The Bengals dropped AJ Nicholson on the day of his court date....think anyone will take a risk and pick him up? I think I probably would, but not for much. Also the Broncos and Jets have put themselves on the Board recently each with 1 arrest apiece. However, the biggest deal for me on this one is the Vick thing. His whole "I'm just here to win football games, people will love me no matter what I do blah blah blah" thing kind of bugs me. I'm not one of the PETA-type people or anything but I hope he goes down for the dogfighting thing if these allegations really are true, which I strongly believe they are. He's a role model and look, he's had his chances (think water bottle at the airport). I hope Goodell continues to rule with the iron fist.

NBA Lottery Tonight
I think it's a really fun way to do it but a really unfair way to do it. Any questions revert to this post. I just think it's a parity killer and money making machine. So, it has its pros and cons. I guess all I can do is hope that the Bucks get Oden or Durant. I'm just not a huge fan of the NBA or their lottery draft. Some people might love it but I, personally, am a big fan of the whole worst team picks first type of deal but, oh well. It's kinda fun to watch.

Welcome To the Jungle We've Got Funny Tasting Water
Doesn't quite sound like Guns & Roses does it? It sounds more like a creative excuse to me but could be true I suppose. Foreman was the heavy favorite and heavyweight champion of the world at the time. But if this whole story really is true why is it coming out only now? That seems a little bit fishy to me. Is it the truth or a sort of lame excuse? Is Foreman trying to sell more copies of his book, get more attention, be a sore loser, or stir up some conspiracy theories? I don't really know we'll have to see if anything becomes of this. However, this whole thing has accomplished something. I never thought I would blog for even a minute on the sport of boxing. So I guess somebody can tell Foreman to drop it now.

The Big D picked to Rake in the Big D
Dallas won the sweepstakes for the 2011 Superbowl. It will be played a their new $1 billion stadium that will hopefully open in 2009. It won because it will be able to seat 100,000 fans. That's about 27,000 or so than the other finalists Indy or Zona. Which is smart I guess because I imagine that will probably gross maybe another $20 Million plus for the NFL right there. I have no problems with this. The stadium will be like brand new, make more money for the NFL, and have more fans at the biggest event of the NFL season. Why the hell not? Makes perfect sense to me. Now they just need to finish building the thing.


ndfan said...

Gotta love the super bowl in Dallas in 2011, not only will it be brand new stadium but is there any other City and state that supports football more then Dallas and Texas?? great choice in my mind.

twins15 said...

I can understand why LeBron passed it off, but I think he should have taken the shot. Down 2 in the closing seconds and you have your man beat near the rim, score the ball. I think he's just scared of getting fouled.

grittysquirrels said...

good point twins. He has been slightly atrocious as of late on the line and especially late in games. If I'm correct didn't he not even get to the freethrow line at all in the game?

Anonymous said...

You might want to check your facts - cowboys stadium is well under way.

ming01 said...

did he say it wasn't under way yet? it' being opened in 2009

grittysquirrels said...

I had put that they need to start it by mistake. I have already corrected it though and much appreciation to my anonymous friend for pointing out my mistake.

TheNaturalMevs said...

Good post, and good takes Gritty.....