Monday, May 14, 2007

My World in Sports: I Can Finally Breathe Again

It was just a few days ago that my world came crashing down on me. I had just finished working a morning and it was about 2:30 and I showered, changed, and crashed on the couch only to see that "Brett Favre Wants to be Traded". I didn't know what to do. I was literally speechless. Between this fiasco and the emotional high my Brewers and I have been riding I've barely been able to catch my breath. However, I've had some time to think and collect myself as the issue has died down and I think I'm now emotionally ready to blog about this, and everything else going on in MY world of sports.

-Favre's going to retire as a Packer. Honestly, as I sat there and thought to myself I could not bring myself to envision Favre in a Redskins, Broncos, 'Phins or Jags uni. There is just something evil and wrong about that. I knew he was upset about not getting Moss and the focus on D rather than bettering the was I. I don't doubt he said it but I know he didn't mean it. He is a passionate and emotional person who was letting it shine through a bit too much (think also comments on Javon Walker contract situation). He was upset just like a lot of fans. He will retire a Packer, and you can quote me on that. It is also worth mentioning that there was a trade situation ready to go down to the Pack but then the Pats made a bid and Moss went with them because he felt it gave him a better chance to win now.

-Now, obviously the Pack aren't going to get Moss but Ted Thompson now knows Favre is upset and means business next year. Prediction: I think Thomspon makes a strong push for Keyshawn Johnson. He honestly might be the next best bet out there and I sort of hope they pick him up. Which, is weird because I'm definitely not a Keyshawn fan. If Teddy can do that they'll have Driver, Keyshawn, Greg Jennings (all-rookie selection last year), and Koren Robinson (fresh outa prison) for their receiving corps. This looks very promising. The bigger question mark for me is RB. I'm not real big on this whole RB by committee thing. I do like Brandon Jackson outa Neb. but he is so injury prone. And while Morency can be successful I know he can't carry the load alone.

- Dear Brett,
You are still my favorite sports figure of all time. I still relish in your greatness. I still love you in a totally heterosexual way. I still have your Fathead hanging in my basement. You're still my childhood hero and I understand you were upset. I forgive you. Now, let's kick some Viking ass next year as you break all of Dan's records. Go Pack Go and Favre 4 Ever.

In love,

- The Brewers have cooled down a little bit as of late and JJ Hardy is showing flashes of Robin Yount. They lost back-to-back games for the first time since the 1st week of the year and blew their first lead after 7 innings (previously 21-0 with a lead after 7) tonight in Philly. Definitely worth note: JJ Hardy is leading the NL in HRs - and yes that includes Barry Bonds-....something probably 50% or more of baseball fans don't know. Keep an eye on this kid. Can he keep it up? We'll see, I know he can hit for this kind of AVG and OBP but we'll see if the power surge continues. GO BREWERS!
Current Stats: .327 AVG, 12 HRs, 37 RBIs, .376 OBP, and .628 SLG.

- Don't crowd Bruce Bowen on D. In case you are even more oblivious to the NBA Playoffs than me, here's the video. He is one of the best defenders in the league but Bruce Bowen has a bad rap as a dirty player....and I think that hurts him here. The move looks rather unintentional, and if it weren't for his poor reputation in the league I think he could get away with it much easier. Personally, I think it was intentional. And as a Spurs fan I'm sure Ming will defend Bowen. However, I just don't see how you can't be the slightest bit skeptical of something like that, given the kind of history Bowen has in the league - even though Bruce gets in the most trouble on D. The foul has been moved up to flagrant and it will be interesting to see where it goes from there.....I wonder if this year's playoffs have made Nash feel a bit like a punching bag or crash dummy or something. Maybe for his sake the Suns should just lose out.


zekejennings said...

I don't know, grit. I think Favre has turned into a real primadonna about this whole thing. Every offseason it's something with him. Either he can't decide whether or not to retire, or he's complaining about the actions of the front office.

I know Brett's loved in Wisconsin, but in the rest of the country he's starting to look like somebody who needs a reality check. He's an all-time great, but he's not the franchise anymore, although he sures acts like it. And if he is the franchise then he needs to look no further than the mirror when he's tired of not winning because he ain't the player he used to be.

Bryan said...

i can only hope brett farve stays in green bay for 1o more years. he is the reason why i think the lions may finish above the packers every year.

twins15 said...

About my thoughts on Favre... well, no comment.

As for Bowen, he's a really good defender, but he's also one of the dirtiest players in the league. But well, is it really dirty if you don't get caught?

grittysquirrels said...

Yea bryan becausethe last time the lions finished above the packers in the last 16 years was....? Thats what I thought. The Lions are trash and will continue to be trash for a long time.

Yea, Favre has screwed the franchise a little bit with the whole retirement/coming back saga the last 3-4 seasons. But he has taken them to 2 SBs winning 1, has 3 MVPs and is a 1st ballot lock in the HOF. By the end of the season he will own almost every major passing record in the NFL. There's still no denying, at the age he is now he's a middle of the pack QB (I think he was like 14th or 15th last year), but considering his age he's still in great shape and an outstanding player. (BRYAN: He takes shits with more talent that Kitna)