Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Dear Readers and Visitors...

Just wanted to let my fellow Sports Flow audience out there that I am soon to be blogging/writing on college football/hoops topics at Write On Sports.

I will still obviously be writing here at TSF, but ever since I started blogging I wanted to join some other blog or start another where I can focus just on college football and college hoops; because TSF focuses on just about everything. Maybe one day I will start my own College Football blog. But I found out about Write On Sports and figured this would be a great opportunity to share and express my main area of expertise, which is College Football of course.

I really enjoy sports blogging, and contributing to another blog (especially about college football) has been my incentive since TSF has gotten a little more popular. I really think I got used to this blogging thing and at first it was just a small little hobby looking to get my opinion out there about certain sports topics and such. Also, it is a great way to get my name out there for now, especially since I want be involved with the sports world/media when I am older.

I will let everyone know once I start my first article over at Write On Sports. And at this time I just want to thank everyone who has spent valuable time here leaving comments, reading all the posts and putting up with some of my crap. The visitors are what keeps TSF on it's feet. I would also like to give a special thanks to Joe (grittysquirrels) who has helped me run TSF from the get go and the minutes spent making this blog better and better. And another thanks to Ted for his great guest posts, he has a brought another great sports mind to this blog. Thanks again.


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