Sunday, June 17, 2007

Buy or Sell: The US Open at Oakmont C.C. Being Too Tough?

So only 5 of the top 10 players can make the cut. Does that mean that the course is too tough? No and guess what? I'm selling Oakmont CC being too hard. I am really sick of hearing players, caddies, and analysts complain and rant about how Oakmont was made too difficult. I had to hear about it the whole way home from Canada on the radio and I'm ready to sound off.

I don't know about you buy if I have to watch golf I would rather see scores hovering around E and up than to see the leaderboard headlined with -20's. I think it is more fun to watch golf like this and I like to see which players can adapt and plan out shots. I like to see they best players in the world play the best and toughest courses in the world.

Quit your complaining. Everybody is playing the same course so if you aren't making the cut and some less popular, international player is then you have no one to blame but yourself and maybe your caddy. Let me watch the pairing of Angel Cabrera and Bubba Watson if those are the two guys who are making the right adjustments and playing the course the best. I'm sorry that you are upset that you aren't birdieing every hole and that it is a struggle to shoot below par. In my opinion though, that is the way it is supposed to be. Just because your name might be Justin Leonard, Sergio Garcia, or Phil Mickelson that doesn't make you a shoe-in when the cut comes around. It is a tournament and everyone is playing the same course and your play (not your ranking or name) determine how well you do.

I think all the players who are griping and complaining need to shut up. You are a professional golfer and this is a major tournament on the Professional Golfing Tour. Shouldn't the course be as hard as possible? The best of the best competing in a top-tier tourney makes only the best and toughest venue seem reasonable...not?


Zach Parcell said...

I have to agree with you 100%. The US Open should not be handed to you. Any major for that matter. It shows who is the best golfer on that course. Not getting lucky, its who can play the course the best. I have loved every day of the Open so far.

Great article!

-Zach Parcell
The Neutral Site

Stefan Ming said...

the greens run so fast there

Anonymous said...

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