Tuesday, June 5, 2007

NBA Finals Predictions

Are the Cavs ready for their biggest test yet?

Well it's NBA Finals time and this year we have the San Antonio Spurs vs. the Cleveland Cavaliers. We all know who the favorite is here but no one can leave out King James and Co.

Individually, the Spurs have a huge advantage. The only place where the Cavs have an advantage is with Lebron at SF and a slight advantage at center with Zyndrunas Illgauskas over Fabricio Oberto. But Tim Duncan makes it up at PF. Other than that, the Spurs have a huge advantage at the other three positions.
It will be tough for the Spurs to stop Lebron; it will be interesting to see how Bruce Bowen will play on Lebron. I think this is a very intriguing match up. But it doesn't matter who is guarding him, he's still going to put the points up and dominate you all over the floor.

Also, the Cavs have no one to stop Duncan. This series will be similar to the Spurs-Jazz series in the Western Conference Finals. Duncan absolutely dominated and no one will be able to stop him inside. Lebron single handily got the Cavs into the Finals, but the Spurs are just too much for the inexperienced Cavs. One of the best professional sports organizations will add yet another championship to it's resume when it is all said and done.

The Pick:
Spurs in 5


The Zoner said...

I picked the Spurs during the regular season to take it all (aren't I too cool) so I will definitely stay with them now.

I just can't see Cleveland winning under any circumstance.

Kevin Hayward said...

My take is Spurs in four. It's LeBron and a bunch of scrubs (compared to the Spurs), and the Spurs just have too much depth and experience to be challenged by the Cavs.