Monday, June 4, 2007

Some Summer Links and Videos

I'm leaving tomorrow after work to go up to UND to register for next year so I won't be back to post until Wed. night. Until then Stefan will be holding down the fort with posts on Mon. and Tue. Until then I will attempt to hold you over. I couldn't really decide if I wanted to post links or videos so with gas still over $3.00 I thought it best to make it a hybrid.

NBA Finals Predictions - [Complete Sports]
The Closest Thing Baseball has to Bobby Knight - [Diamond Hoggers]
Trying to Put LeBron's Game 5 Into Some Type of Context - [Point 23]
Some NBA Legacy Watching - [Pacifist Viking]
Re-Doing the Top 5 Picks in the 2003 NBA Draft - [A Price Above Bip Roberts]
I Love The Weak Ender - [The Hater Nation]
Playing the Percentages - [Seal Clubbers]
Gary Sheffield's Got a Theory - [Signal To Noise]
The 5th Pick - [One More Dying Quail]
Just All-Around Solid Reading - [Wasting Company Time]
Get Your Joe Paterno Chopper - [WBRS Sports Blog]

This is Priceless - I Love the Grenade Throw
You know he's been planning something like this for years because you just can't improvise something as beautiful as the Army crawl and grenade toss.

I Can't Believe I Missed Most of This Game
WOW....enjoy these highlights

Johnnie Morton Getting His Ass Kicked
Probably should have tried to play in the league a few more years instead of wasting his time for this.

I Kind of Want to Meet This Kid
I absolutely love the Dirk-a-licious bit. I always laugh when he says "Apples red delicious" and I'm not really sure why. Also the jabs he takes at Kobe are pretty good.


twins15 said...

Yeah, the Dirk-a-licious video is a good one... I thoroughly enjoyed it.

mookie said...

Good luck in the University of North Dakota,that brings the student enrollment to what, like 45?

stephen a said...

little over 13 grand, but excellent attempt at humor.

Stefan Ming said...

While he's attending UND, I will be attending the prestigious NDSU!

eric said...

Woah, slow down there maestro. There's a *North* Dakota?

Wild stuff. Anyway, thanks for the link.