Wednesday, June 20, 2007

My World in Sports: Go Get Your Bulls Jersey

The Kobe Video
I'm sure you've all heard about this video by now. I can't find on on the Internet otherwise I'd have it up on here but I've heard alot about it and Stefan found a sports talk show that features the audio. The video hasn't been released yet but click here to hear the audio. - You can fast forward through some of the banter to get to it- Kobe is pretty explicit in trashing teammate Andrew Bynum. Also he grabs quite a few headlines in saying "Go out and buy you Bulls jerseys". This is pretty interesting obviously there is just no way anymore that Kobe Returns to the Lakers. By now all his teammates hate him (most probably did before anyways). Kobe's no trade clause basically gives him complete and total power. Obviously getting Kobe would be absolutely huge for the Bulls. Honestly is there anyway that LA could possibly win on a trade like that? Bulls maybe they could get Butler, Wallace and Deng with a draftpick or some combination of that for Kobe. That would be some good talent to build on but its no Kobe. Believe me LA will miss Bryant's star power both on the court and off the court with ticket sales, jersey sales, etc. I'm excited to see how it plays out but I'm calling it now: Kobe wont play another game in a Lakers uniform.

Pac Man is Retarded
If this is really true Pac Man Jones is completely and utterly retarded. Just the fact that he is being looked into for something like this is pathetic. If he was really sorry and understood how stupid his actions were then you would think he would do a little better job to keep his name away from words like shooting and stripclub. Looks like he really meant it when he said he'd take his boys over ball anyday. If anything becomes of this it will be interesting to see what Goodell has to do or say about it.

O's Want Girardi but Does Girardi Want the O's?
I'm a little curious/excited to see what becomes of this. The O's are not terrible. They're bad now but they have good starting pitching and when you have that you have the basis for a turnaround. However, if I was Girardi I don't think I would take the job. Even if you can turn things around extremely well you have 2 baseball giants with $200 Mil payrolls sitting above you in the standings. If I was Girardi I would hold tight and wait to see what other jobs become available. I see him as a better fit and wanting to manage more for the Yankees, White Sox, and Cubs. However, we'll just have to see waht happens with Torre and Guillen and if Lou comes back for next season. The Yankees job would be better for obvious reasons (he played there and it's the Yankees) and he lives in Chitown so either of those jobs would seem ideal. Like I said, if I was Girardi I wouldn't take the job. He just doesn't seem like the right fit. As for the O's if they miss on Girardi the rest of their optins look kind of bleak.
Go Anteaters
Man am I rooting for UC Irvine hard. With a name like the anteaters it's hard not to. They've avoided elimination in extra innings two days in a row now. The Anteaters play their 3rd straight elimination game against the well-rested Oregon St. Beavers on Wed. night. I don't know enough to make a good prediction so I won't. All I'll do is tune in for the game and root for UC Irvine to keep on winning.

Prince Fielder Update
I try not to obsess over him too much on the blog but it gets hard for me. I just wanted everybody to know that he is now leading the all-star voting and his statline is as follows:
.291 AVG, 26 HR, 59 RBI, 50 R, .377 OBP, and .646 SLG

Allow me to interpred... Prince is sexy. Prince is all that is man. Prince is way better than Cecil's gambling ass. When proclaiming to a friend that Prince was all that is man he (a Twins fan mind you) replied: "No. Prince is above man. Prince is XYYY." I like that and couldn't agree more. The Brewers better make the playoffs just so that they can gross enough revenue to pay off Prince when his contract expires.


mookie said...

Watch what you say about Pac Man, he might come to your house and shoot you. :)

Run Up The Score! said...

Someone should tell Prince Fielder that Turtle from "Entourage" wants his look back.