Saturday, June 30, 2007

National League All-Star Predictions

Like most bloggers I'm going to give you my predictions on who will be starting the summer classic. We'll start with the National league first (because it's better and I said so) and my AL predictions will come later in the week.

TSF's Pick: Russel Martin - LAD
Nobody else really stands out in this lackluster field and I agree with Complete Sports. I too think that Martin will soon become a staple behind the plate in the summer classic.

1st Base
TSF's Pick: Prince Fielder - MIL
I'm afraid that even if I wasn't a devout Brewer's fan I would still be saying Fielder don't call me a homer. But if you do I probably won't resent it. Pujols is heating up which makes this a little closer than it would have been if I had blogged this earlier but the pick is still Fielder. Also worth noting that I'm going to purchase his All-Star jersey when it becomes available later this summer.

2nd Base
TSF's Pick: Chase Utley - PHI
Too many other teams are using a platoon at 2B or are trying to upgrade. Utley plays everday and does it quite well. He stands out to me and gets the nod in rather unanimous fashion.

3rd Base
TSF's Pick: Miguel Cabrera - FLA
This should be a lot easier of a pick than it will be made out to be. Because of the stupid fan vote David Wright could be made the pick but Cabrera plays good defense and has been the best offensive 3rd basemen in the NL. He plays on a small-market team and might get overlooked but not on my watch. Cabrera's the pick but don't be surprised if Wright wins the fan vote.

Short Stop
TSF's Pick: Jose Reyes - NYM
This proves that I'm not a total homer. I'm tempted to pick JJ Hardy not just because of my fan affiliation but because of his outstanding HR and RBI totals but Reyes hits for a better AVG and you can't really argue with his 38 SB's. He'll probably win the fan vote anyways so he's a safe bet. Plus, who else would you want to lead-off for the NL?

OF Picks
TSF's Pick: Matt Holliday - COL
If there were any doubters I hope they were watching what he did to the Yankees last week. He is going to be a special player and he deserves this spot. PS- he is almost solely responsible for my fantasy team not being in last place.

TSF's Pick: Barry Bonds - SF
God I hate to do this but I think Bonds deserves this one. He will probably break the record this year and it is probably his last year in SF (maybe his last year in baseball!) so I think he deserves this one. I blogged on Bonds earlier in the season as being an all-star and possible NL MVP candidate and I'll stand by myself. Plus it's not like MLB's (along with the fans) have never started a hometown hero before!

TSF's Pick: Aaron Rowand
I'm taking Rowand here just because he can play CF and he is a solid choice. Don't get me wrong he is deserving but the pick I'd really like to make is Ken Griffey Jr. He has monentarily rejuvinated his career at the age of 38. The Reds need a choice and Griffey is definitely it he just isnt' the fielder he was 10 years ago and I don't think he Bonds or Holliday really could play CF. So Rowand is the pick I guess.

Starting Pitcher
TSF's Pick: Jake Peavy - SD
He is dominant and has been probably the best overall starter in baseball.

Agree? Disagree? Thoughts? I wanna hear 'em.


twins15 said...

I'd take Renteria or Hanley Ramirez over Reyes at SS, but I can't argue much with your choices.

grittysquirrels said...

My picks were pretty close. I'm pissed that Holliday didn't get voted to start. He really deserved it. But other than that my picks were pretty damn accurate.

Anonymous said...

a monkey could have predicted 8 of the 9 NL starters