Sunday, June 3, 2007

If You Wanna Win Put Boobie In

So after my dislike for the NBA cost me to miss the regulation of Game 5 I could not risk a repeat. So, after work I headed over to a buddies house and tuned in for Game 6 in it's entirety, just hoping that LeBron could show even a sliver of the passion that he displayed in Game 5.

Although LeBron did not turn in a historically epic performance he played a good well-balanced game (20 pts. 14 reb. 8 asst. 2 stl 2 blk) and unflappable rookie Daniel "Boobie" Gibson was electric scoring 31 pts and 19 of those in the fourth quarter. I was rooting for Cleveland all along (I predicted Cavs in 7 but I'll take 6) and I couldn't be happier for the Cavs and the city of Cleveland. As the Cavs pack up their bags and head south for San Antonio they carry the whole city on their backs.

As the Finals begin Mr. Daniel Gibson will be trying to prove me wrong. My knack on the Cavs is that I've viewed it as the "LeBron Show". I've said throughout the playoffs that I thought the Cavs were 1 or maybe 2 players away from being a championship team. If Mr. Daniel Gibson can keep this up he can definitely prove me wrong.

I was so impressed with his play I think he may be able to solve a majority of the Cavs problems. If I were in charge I would start him over Hughes for sure. Now, I don't know if this kid has been great all year or if this was maybe a fluke because I don't really watch the NBA at all. I only watch sparingly in the playoffs. However, this kid looked amazing and I love his game. I think he's for real and that the Cavs should go ahead and trade Hughes in the offseason and try to get some worth for him because this kid deserves to start and I think he'll be a star. He'll be that counterpunch that LeBron needs. He'll be the Robin to LeBron's Batman. They seem to have good chemistry together. It's wierd because to me LeBron seems so much older than him when really he's only a year older. You see him hugging and talking to Gibson like a mentor does. That's probably a good thing if you're a Cavs fan, and if you're Daniel Gibson King James ain't a bad mentor.

I'll be rooting for Cleveland all the way in the Finals due to the fact that I hate the Spurs and I'm sick of them winning. I know it's going to be tough and I predict that the Spurs will indeed be crowned champs. I predict that Spurs win it in 6, however I'll be rooting for the Cavs wholeheartedly. And I honestly feel like with Hughes injured and being such a dud in the playoffs Cleveland should try and ride this and start Boobie. I feel like he gives them the best chance to win. However, all this might not matter if the Cavs don't figure out what they're going to do with Tim Duncan. I'm sure they'll try to double team him somehow, probably with Ilauskas and Gooden or something.

Some other things other than Gibson's shining performance and LeBrons solid game that really stuck out to me were:

-I don't like that patch of hair on the back of Drew Gooden's head at all. C'mon you're a Jayhawk!
-Tayshawn Prince is ice cold. The kid can't finish at all right now.
-Varejao for the Cavs might have big hair and be kind of slow but I like his game. He's a great hustler and plays really hard I think
-Sasha Pavlovic needs to tone it down a bit when he gets the ball and avoid lowering his shoulder and treating himself like a human batteringram everytime he touches the ball.
-The Cavs are probably a better team than people give them credit for -me included- due to the "LeBron Show" mindset.
-How absolutely disgusting could Texas have been if they had players staying all 4 years!? (Think Durant, Aldridge, Gibson, etc.)

Finals start Thursday night....Go Cavs! What stuck out to you about game 6? What are you predictions for this year's Finals and do you agree with me in that Gibson should start to give the Cavs the best shot at winning? And what is the Cavs' best bet to stop Tim Duncan?

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Stefan Ming said...

If the Cavs were playing any other team I would be cheering for them, I would love to see Lebron win a ring, but they're playing my Spurs.

And you know what's even more discusting(sp?)? Texas could have had PJ Tucker as well this past year... now that's scary. They would have won it all...