Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Thoughts on Billy Donovan and Write On Sports

First I would like to start off with that I am now writing for Write On Sports along with TSF. My first article is up and you can locate it here: Memphis resurgence?.

Now to my thoughts on Billy Donovan. This deal was very interesting, personally, I think he had to stay in the state of Florida or at least go to New York, where he's from and get the Knick job. He had to stay in Florida, so it would be the Miami Heat or Orlando Magic job or else he stays at Florida.

I can see why he went there in the first place, the Magic are a young team, not to mention star Dwight Howard, along with plenty of cap room. I definitely could have seen him one day leading the Magic to an NBA Championship.

When Donovan went back to a Florida press-conference I think that's what did it for him, he realized he can't believe why he is leaving. I am sure he thought to himself "how can I leave all of this behind". And that gave him second thoughts.

Donovan is a great coach and now that he will be back at Florida, I see him winning a couple of more championships within the next, let's say 10 years. Give him another one or two more years to rebuild and reload and watch out, the Gators will be back for more.

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Kevin Hayward said...

In returning to Gainesville, I think Billy Donovan did what he believed in his heart to be right. However, given the talent he is losing at Florida and the talent he is leaving behind at Orlando, I think this could turn out to be a big mistake.