Wednesday, June 13, 2007

ESPN's Loss,'s Gain

Former baseball player and ESPN Baseball Analyst Harold Reynolds was hired Tuesday by, becoming the sites newest analyst.

Starting at next month's All-Star game in San Francisco, Reynolds will provide regular commentary on Soon after, Reynolds will appear five days per week at 1 p.m. CT. He will address hot topics in the game with his insider analysis, bring in news makers through his extensive contacts and interact with users through e-mails, instant messages, chats and a forthcoming MLBlog.

Well, in my opinion (and plenty of others), this is huge for This is the next big step as tries to get bigger and better with its baseball analysis, commentary, and exposure.

Reynolds is (in my perspective) the best baseball analyst to walk the earth till this day. I love his in-depth analysis. He tells it like it is and definitely knows what he is talking about. We have a lot of sports networks out there who have some analysts that are just a joke and never know what the hell they're saying (Cough... *ESPN*, there are a few exceptions though).

Baseball Tonight has gone to waste and just simply sucks since H.R. was fired. I used to watch that show as much as possible when he worked for ESPN. I just simply love his analysis.

I just wanted to say, good for They will indeed get more exposure now with the new hire and now I will be getting my baseball analysis from there as well, even more than ESPN. As for ESPN, well let's just say you blew it once again.